Verge News

Launched in 2014 by a group of developers who identified themselves only with their nicknames, Verge cryptocurrency is based on the open-source platform. Founders of the verge coin initially named it “DogeCoinDark” but later on changed the name to avoid reference to the word Dark and its negative overtone.

XVG coin uses blockchain technology in order to provide fast, safe, secure, and anonymous transactions to both individuals and business segments. The special feature of the Verge (XVG) allows it to offer anonymous transactions thanks to its ability to twist the geo-location and IP address of the users. This twisting is done with the help of advanced technologies such as I2P and Tor. A high level of confidentiality is maintained during the transactions as the cryptocurrency makes use of Wraith protocol. This protocol offers a special facility to users to make a seamless switch between private and public accounts in a particular blockchain which is quite an interesting feature. As far as the use of the algorithm is concerned, Verge utilizes five different kinds of hash functions and proof of work to enable transactions.

Verge price, like other cryptocurrencies, keeps on changing and the coin has got a total supply of 16 billion which can be stretched maximum to 16.6 billion. This limited supply concept is similar to that of Bitcoin which is also limited in terms of its total supply. In some of the recent verge price news, the cryptocurrency has witnessed a mixed bag of results – it has made some impressive gains and also suffered some knee-jerk losses in the process. On the collaboration front, the latest verge news is that the coin has entered into a partnership with MeconCash which bodes well for both organizations in the long run.

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