Binance Coin News

Counted among the most prominent cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin (BNB) is native to the Binance blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange. Binance coin was launched in the market through initial coin offering (ICO) and since then, the cryptocurrency has grown tremendously in both value and overall trading share in the crypto market. Binance cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and He Yi in China. It is currently headquartered in Japan owing to restrictions imposed by China on the trading of cryptocurrencies. At launch, Binance coin was underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain but later in February 2019, the cryptocurrency switched to Binance blockchain and acquired the status of a native coin.

BNB price is nowhere close to Bitcoin although Binance coin news continues to grab the attention of crypto enthusiasts and financial experts. BNB offers a wide range of flexibility to investors as it can be traded in more than 300 pairs across 120 different cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the important features of Binance coin include its high security, swift transactions, and seamless customer support. The coin is supported by a range of hot and cold wallets and depending upon your requirement, you can choose to go with either of the options or combination of both. Binance coin latest news covers a healthy spike in its price although the overall valuation trend is quite turbulent and dynamic. Binance Coin price is in uptrend, while other cryptocurrencies are experiencing a low; it indicates that the coin is robust and independent in itself.

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