DigiByte News

DigiByte was created way back in 2013 using the open-source blockchain technology and released into the market subsequently in 2014. DigiByte claims to be one of the safest and most decentralized blockchain networks currently existing in the market and thanks to the faster block rate of 15 seconds, DigiByte network offers a way more swift transactions compared to the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin.

DGB is the native cryptocurrency of DigiByte network and in order to provide safe and secure transactional experience to users, DigiByte (DGB) uses five different kinds of cryptographic algorithms. Further, the cryptocurrency makes use of real-time adjustment in the difficulty levels so as to prevent any malicious attempt aimed to dominate the coin’s mining procedures.

Exhibiting the truly decentralized characteristic of the blockchain segment, DigiByte is not controlled by a particular organization – it doesn’t have a chief executive officer (CEO) who usually happens to be at the helm of the proceedings in other crypto and blockchain companies. It is interesting to know that DigiByte is based on the volunteers’ work and can be easily described as the most decentralized project in the world. DigiByte price latest news includes its upward trajectory while the latest DigiByte news, in general, comprises the release of the new beta version of DigiByte’s website. In terms of market capitalization, DGB coin news confirms that the cryptocurrency is ranked 61st on the valuation ladder where Bitcoin reigns supreme at the moment.

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