InterTrader Review 2020

InterTrader Direct is a financial brokerage firm founded in 2012 which primarily deals with forex and spread betting. The company provides traders complete access to a comprehensive range of instruments in numerous financial marketplaces like commodities, currencies, and bonds. For investors who are more inclined towards cryptocurrency trading like Bitcoin, the premier firm also suggests cryptocurrency CFDs. InterTrader Direct is maintained and operated by GVC Holdings PLC, which is registered in the London Stock Exchange concealed by the ticker symbol “GVC”. It is also a division of the FTSE 250 Index with more than £5 billion market capitalization. GVC Holdings PLC owns numerous brands with a collective legacy of more than 250 years.

InterTrader Reviews – Overview of InterTraderInterTrader Reviews – Overview of InterTrader

Headquartered at London, England InterTrader was established with the core idea to deliver fair, malleable, and market-neutral trading. Trading execution in InterTrader is accomplished by emulating the original market for every point that client opens. Contrasting to the traditional financial market model, the client and the broker is not on differing sides as InterTrader follows market-neutral performance; which means InterTrader loses every time when the clients lose, this is the primary reason why the firm is interested in client’s triumph in every trading session. All the trading transaction orders are made anonymous by InterTrader so that the user can interact with the financial market by assigning orders inside the market spread. With the help of InterTrader, investor’s trading costs are put up in the spread, and the amount provided from interbank is collected in a liquidity pool that offers access to deep liquidity. All rights reserved by the platform for its features and functionalities.

Regulation and Security

  • As per our review, the central regulatory body of Inter Trader is the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and is controlled under license number 105224. InterTrader is completely controlled and administered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, which helps the firm to maintain high ethics and mutual flexibility suitable to any jurisdiction.
  • This broker understands that the security of client funds is pivotal for any modern financial firm, for handling all the trading transactions responsibly and securely, client funds are transferred to a segregated account, following the regulator’s money rule.
  • Traders trading in the InterTrader platform are also subjected to customer protection by Gibraltar Investor Compensation Scheme (GICS), of up to €20,000 per customer, and a supplementary parental assurance from holdings Ltd.
  • As the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has limited oversight over Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, and as GFSC is modeled after the FCA, it enjoys the flexibility of a smaller jurisdiction.

Is InterTrader a Reliable broker?

  • InterTrader is one of the leading trading names of InterTrader Limited which is controlled and owned by GVC Holdings PLC. GVC is one of the leading and world’s largest multinational sports betting companies listed online; gaming companies are also listed on the London Stock exchange.
  • Also, this broker is regulated and controlled by the Financial Service Conduct Authority from the UK. Since it is regulated by the FCA, InterTrader maintains high-quality standards and flexibility that is needed by any of the jurisdictions.
  • InterTrader offers security for its client funds and all the transactions are responsibly handled and secured. All the client funds are held securely in a segregated account as per the regulator’s rules.

What is the fee of InterTrader?

  • The financial brokerage firm InterTrader Direct charges a commission fee from the spread, which is the difference between buying and selling price of a financial asset. The revenue earned by InterTrader is completely from brokerage services and has no conflict of interest with their clients.
  • As InterTrader firmly follows a 100% market-neutral operating model, most of the fees are received through spreads and commissions. When a user places a trade on their CFD or spreads betting account, InterTrader copies the same trade in the core market.
  • This means that if the user earns an amount, InterTrader earns the same amount; and in case of loss, InterTrader faces the same loss. This business model practiced by InterTrader helps the trading platform to create a trusting environment for trading as well as increase the chance of gaining profit.
InterTrader Review – Fee of InterTraderInterTrader Review – Fee of InterTrader

InterTrader promotes traders from the United States and European Union by beginning the spread from 0.6 pips a big spread with limited mark-up; the commission is also on the moderate side, which is around 0.10%. Clients from the UK can also enjoy commission and tax-free trading by spread betting accounts.



UK 100


Wall Street


Germany 30












Brent Crude


US Crude






Top 100 UK


Major US


What can be traded with InterTrader?

  • Traders using InterTrader have access to numerous asset pools, and with the previous addition of Sigma Trading, DMA equity with options trading is also made available on most accessible assets.
  • CFD and spread betting account users can choose from stock indices, individual shares, currencies, Currency pairs, commodities, interest rates, bonds as well as special propositions by InterTrader, which consolidates grey market pricing on IPO’s.
  • This broker extends over 337 distinct instruments to trade, including over 45 currency pairs like the major ones like EUR/USD and several more. 73.19% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread betting and CFDs with this provider.
InterTrader Reviews – Trade with InterTraderInterTrader Reviews – Trade with InterTrader

Our in-house team of analysts compiled all of the different types of options offered by InterTrader as follows:

1) Forex: InterTrader offers CFD trading the most popular of these currency pairs are as follows:


2) Stock Indices: popular stock indices and futures provided by InterTrader are as follows:

  • Wall Street
  • UK 100
  • US 500
  • US Tech 100
  • Germany 30
  • Japan 225
  • Hong Kong
  • CAC 40
  • EU Stocks 50
  • Netherlands 25
  • UK 100 Future
  • DAX 30 Future
  • US 30 Future
  • S&P 500 Future
  • US Tech 100 Future
  • US Russel 2000 Future
  • STOXX 50 Future
  • Volatility index Future

3) Individual Shares: InterTrader users can trade in the following types of individual shares:

  • UK CFD
  • US Rolling CFD
  • Germany Rolling CFD

4) Commodities

  • Gold spot
  • Gold Fut
  • US Crude spot
  • US Crude Fut
  • UK Crude spot
  • UK Crude oil
  • US Gas RBOB
  • US Cotton
  • Silver Fut 0.5
  • Platinum spot

5) Interest Rates/ Bonds

  • Euro-Bund Futures SB
  • UK Long Gilt
  • Euribor Future
  • Short Sterling Futures

6) Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum


Let us discuss a few advantages offered by InterTrader –

  • Beginners or those who have very little experience in trading will be attracted to InterTrader. One of the most advantageous features is, it allows the traders to place limit orders, and also this system enables the trader to trade with a minimum amount. These are the two factors where the beginners find it most attractive to trade on this platform.
  • As the broker is regulated by the FCA, the customer funds are segregated from the funds which are used for trading. Concerning customer education, this platform offers frequent webinars, to help the traders to learn about spread betting and it also helps the experienced traders to refresh their trading skills and helps them to study the techniques that can be used for trading.
  • Furthermore, InterTrader offers a loyalty program, and a trader who is live on direct spread betting or a CFD holder can enter it automatically. This program offers a cashback scheme which increases when the trader frequently trades more. The high volume traders get 10% of the trading fees as a refund into their accounts.
  • One of the major advantages of trading with InterTrader is, it is a part of the biggest online spread betting and gaming group, which implies that it will always be at par with the latest developments which are offered in the industry.

Types of InterTrader account:

InterTrader being a popular financial brokerage firm, classifies its account by different types of products a user wants to trade-in. Traders in the UK can open a Spread Betting account, whereas investors from other jurisdictions can opt for a CFD or a Forex account. The recommended minimum initial deposit for trading is 100 GBP/EUR/USD/PLN. Traders of the InterTrader platform are also offered a demo account to try out strategies before committing capital to trades in a live account. Traders also provided facilities to open demo accounts for different web-based and MT4-platforms.

InterTrader Review – Start Your TradingInterTrader Review – Start Your Trading

Requirements of an InterTrader account

This broker is controlled and monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. To successfully create an InterTrader trading account, every trader must pass a few basic but mandatory agreement forms to ensure that the trader realizes the risks of trading and should be allowed to trade. When a user creates a trading account, the following mandatory documents are required:

  • A scanned copy of the user’s passport, driving license, or any other nationalized ID proof.
  • Users utility bill or any nationalized bank statement of past three months referring users residential address
  • Users creating a trading account will also be prompted to answer a few basic compliance questions to approve trading experience. So it is recommended to lay-aside a few minutes to complete the account opening process.
  • Though the trading platform allows users to explore the trading application soon after the registration process, this broker does not allow any user to begin trading until all the background compliance verification is finished, which might take several days, depending on the user’s location.

What are the available platforms of InterTrader?

Clients of InterTrader have access to the web-based as well as MT4 and mobile/tablet-based Android and iOS apps. Special trading tools like: also facilitate traders

InterTrader Reviews – Platforms of InterTraderInterTrader Reviews – Platforms of InterTrader

~ Cross-Platform Trading Charts: By the use of this world-class software, traders can easily combine advanced charting into their trading, which further helps traders to select graphs using numerous timeframes and coloring schemes. Further, users can also set alerts on specific prices, trend lines, or technical studies.

~ Free Trading Tools: InterTrader includes many advanced trading tools accessible to traders for better trading experience:

  • Exceptional trading charts (IT-Finance)
  • Cross-platform trading charts (NetDania)
  • Trading signals from (Trading Central)
  • Autochartist automated pattern analysis
  • Technical analysis (Trading Central)
  • Economic calendar (Econoday)
  • Real-time market news (live squawk)

The web-based platform of InterTrader is customizable and is designed for users with any experience level to easily learn and trade.

Account Opening process

  • Opening an account with InterTrader is very easy and quick, besides accounts can be opened conveniently online; this is the standard approach offered by all the brokers.
  • The trader needs to provide basic information such as name, email address, and contact number on the website of When this is done, the clients need to verify them by sending a copy of proof of residency and their ID documents to proceed further.
  • InterTrader does not ask for the trading experience to open an account. The users should answer some questions to show that they understand the trading assets or products they offer and the risk that are associated with them.
  • After adding this information, the users need to add other information to verify the proof of residence and their identities. The traders need to upload the documents through a webcam or their phone’s camera or from an already saved file from their computer.
  • After sending the required documents, a verification link will be sent to the email address and the phone. Once it is verified, the account will be created for the trader.

Pros of InterTrader

  • Trustworthy financial broker firm (InterTrader scored 75/100 in user rating)
  • The extremely easy-to-learn platform, for traders of any experience level
  • Easily customizable web-based platform; trading tools can be easily added to the desktop
  • Offers lucrative loyalty rebate scheme for joined spread costs of more than £500 a month (not available on MT4 accounts)
  • This broker offers lucrative loyalty rebate scheme for joined spread costs of more than £500 a month (not available on MT4)
  • Supports as many as 16 different languages
  • InterTrader is available for trading in more than 200 countries
  • Extremely professional 24/7 customer support. InterTrader also provides supports via phone call, live chat and email in different languages

Cons of InterTrader

  • InterTrader allows trading of only Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Demo accounts of InterTrader are not linked to live account
  • Ticket feature can be sometimes difficult for some users
  • Only set by a lower-tier regulator
  • 73.19% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread betting and CFDs with this provider.

Best features of InterTrader

~ Platform and Apps: this broker provides a user-friendly custom web-based platform, accessible in numerous platforms like a downloadable PC based application or a cloud-based WebTrader. InterTrader also provides easy to use secure mobile trading apps for Android and iOS, which further facilitates users to execute trades on the move.

~ Executing Trades: InterTrader offers ECN and STP execution; as a result, users can expect very tight spreads with more clarity regarding the amount a user is paying to execute trades.

~ Client support: IAs per our review, InterTrader website,, supports a wide range of languages, including German, French, Spanish, and English, among few. InterTrader also boasts about its world-class customer service, which is available 24/7 via phone call, live chat, and email.

InterTrader Reviews – Why to choose InterTrader?InterTrader Reviews – Why to choose InterTrader?

Final thoughts on InterTrader

As per our review, InterTrader Direct is a trusted online trading platform that operates under strict administrative provisions of FCA. The firm functions on the No Dealing Desk (NDD) business model. Further, this broker offers traders with the best security for retail trading accounts accessible through the Gibraltar Investor Compensation Scheme (GICS) and backed from holdings LTD, which ensures 100% insurance in case of any highly unlikely a problematic situation.

InterTrader is driven by an excellent management team, as apparent by its strategic finance market acquisitions, while the firm’s market-neutral operating model guarantees that there is no conflict of business. The exclusive trading platform provided by InterTrader contains numerous trading tools that make research & analysis of markets easier. The application also provides trading signals, research & education, as well as real-time news through third parties, which further creates an edge for traders with any level of experience. InterTrader offers transparency, exceptional security, and a world-class trading environment for all types of traders and portfolios.


1. Does InterTrader provide any bonus to traders?

The Welcome bonus of this broker can go as high as 10,000 GBP trading credit. InterTrader also offers friend referrals where users can earn 1000 GBP in the form of trading credit. The financial services investment firm offers a rebate bonus of 10% on Spread betting when investors trade over a certain amount which is known as the loyalty bonus.

2. What are the funding options provided by InterTrader?

InterTrader only accepts secure transfer methods, like direct wire transfer from a bank, credit or debit cards, cheques, and e-wallets. Deposit and withdrawal from InterTrader are the same. The financial firm allows traders to transfer over MasterCard, which is free for citizens of the UK. But for international traders, a nominal charge of 20 GBP is made mandatory (for sums under 1000 GBP).

3. What are the various options provided by InterTrader?

InterTrader provides an InterTrader Webtrader account  and an MT4 account.

4. How can a trader contact InterTrader?

Traders trading at InterTrader platform can contact customer care executives by sending an e-mail, via instant live chat, posting queries in their forums or calling their customer support team via telephone.














  • Trustworthy financial broker firm (InterTrader scored 75/100 in user rating)
  • The extremely easy-to-learn platform, for traders of any experience level
  • Easily customizable platform; tools can be easily added to the desktop


  • This broker allows trading of only Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Demo accounts of InterTrader are not linked to live account
  • Only set by lower-tier regulator