Review Process

At CoinNewsSpan, we provide focused and unbiased reviews on global forex brokers and bitcoin robots. Here is how we assess brokers:

At CoinNewsSpan, we assess brokers based on multiple parameters, like types of investments offered, platforms and tools, commissions and fees charged, trust scores, availability of customer service, research and education, ease of use, beginners’ facilities, availability of social copy trading, MetaTrader, professional trading, tutorials and guides offered, availability of mobile trading facilities, etc. Each parameter carries a different weightage, and after each parameter is assessed, we present the reviews based on the total weightage obtained by a broker.

Our reviewers give their individual opinions based on the features of the brokers that they evaluate. You as readers can count on us as each reviewer at CoinNewSpan has expert knowledge on how these brokers work. But ultimately, it is the traders whose decision matters the most. If the traders find that any broker meets their objectives by looking at their features, they should go for it.

At CoinNewsSpan, we strive to provide our readers with reliable information about trading robots or platforms. We work independently, and we ensure our readers that our reviews are unbiased in every respect and are not affected by any marketing relationships that we have with our clients. Reliable sources back every statistic that we provide; they are based on facts, figures, and general impressions from the actual financial products reviewed by us.

Forex Brokers Review Process

If you search for forex brokers on any search engine, you will get plenty of them. Choosing out the best one from such long lists of forex brokers is a daunting task. On the contrary, executing trading with the most reliable forex brokers is also important for thriving in the foreign currency markets. Each investor or forex trader might have specific needs related to the research instruments that the broker offers or related to the platform itself, which can only be obtained after a reliable review.

CoinNewsSpan is such a platform that gives all the updated information about various forex brokers. Every forex broker has its pros and cons. We at CoinNewsSpan weigh the pros against the cons and provide weightage to each pros and cons.

CoinNewsSpan gives editorial independence to the reviewers, which is important for getting unbiased review content and honest opinion about a forex broker. Before we review any broker based on their features, benefits offered, trading instruments provided, etc., our reviewers fill up a detailed questionnaire that has fields like the broker’s features, the number of asset classes offered, the type of platform, and most importantly, the proof of mandatory financial regulation. We do not review unregulated brokers. Regulated brokers ensure the protection of funds to the clients as they follow a set of rules and conditions set out by a country’s financial regulator.

Therefore, brokers regulated by a country’s financial regulator are bound to repay any mishaps to the clients if they occur. Knowing what services in terms of safety a broker offers to you is critical while selecting the right broker, and this is where CoinNewsSpan excels. We provide detailed information about the confirmed regulatory licenses of different brokers and list the various ways in which the broker adds further protection to our clients.

After getting all these details from the broker, our independent analysts weigh each feature with various parameters, and we give our opinion accordingly.

To aid traders in choosing the right platform, we have included some of the top forex brokers of the world in our website, with all their features and where they are best in. CoinNewsSpan gives a complete picture in the forex brokers’ reviews.

Bitcoin Robots Review Process

Cryptocurrency trading robots play a pivotal role in the ever-emerging cryptocurrency market. Just as in the stock market, trading always happens in the cryptocurrency market, and therefore, the traders need to be always cautious of the happenings in the crypto world. A slight mistake on their parts can bring in a massive downfall in their profits. Here is where cryptocurrency trading robots help traders respond to the highly volatile cryptocurrency market; the bitcoin robot is such a cryptocurrency trading robot.

At CoinNewsSpan, we have listed some of the best bitcoin robots. We have reviewed each one of them and then listed all their features along with their pros and cons. At CoinNewsSpan, readers can also find ways to choose bitcoin robots, and based on that, they can themselves analyze which bitcoin robot would be the most suitable for them.

At CoinNewsSpan, we evaluate the robot’s customer support service along with their expertise in cryptocurrency trading. This helps our clients trade in peace when they know that there is a strong customer support team to help them whenever they face any issues. Our reviewers also list all the different ways the clients can contact the customer support team, like email, direct phone calls, or social media platforms.

While making a bitcoin robot review, we also emphasize whether the platform provides any traders’ educational resources. This is important because most of the bitcoin robots claim that anybody can operate bitcoin robots irrespective of his level of experience in handling any cryptocurrency robot.

Therefore, before we write any review, we examine the truth of such claims. We give a detailed account of all the educational supports that the platforms offer so that our readers can decide for themselves. We provide a good score for robots that provide 24/7 customer support online or via phone. On the contrary, robots that provide online customer support only for a few hours daily get low scores.

At CoinNewsSpan, we have different categories based on which we compare other bitcoin robots. We also base our reviews on the time at which they are created. Our reviewers work effortlessly to ensure that they are up to date.

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