Bitcoin Cash News

The specific reason behind the invention of Bitcoin Cash is the scalability issue related to the Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions used to be very slow and sometimes you need to wait for up to 4 days in order to complete the transactions. Alternatively, if you want the transaction to process quickly, then you need to pay a transaction fee, which takes away the affordability factor related to the cryptocurrency transactions.

Faced with such a long delay, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into existence through the process of a hard fork. BCH has a few important differentiations that set it apart from Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is fast and transactions done through Bitcoin Cash take significantly less time. Also, transacting with BCH is quite affordable, which means masses can adopt and afford this cryptocurrency in the long run. Another important feature of BCH of its emergency adjustment competence and thanks to the use of 0-conf, transactions completed with BCH can be confirmed instantaneously.

Bitcoin Cash price news often makes headlines in the crypto world and in terms of market capitalization, cryptocurrency is ranked 5th in the list. Bitcoin Cash latest news relates to the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market and the net impacts of these market forces on the valuation of BCH. Other times, the latest Bitcoin cash news contains information about the coin’s upcoming projects and partnerships it strikes with other organizations in the industry.

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