Bitcoin SV News

nChain company founded Bitcoin SV in 2018 with a clearly stated objective that it wants to restore the original Bitcoin vision through this new venture. In Bitcoin SV, the SV is an acronym which stands for “Satoshi Vision”. On November 15 Bitcoin cash hard-fork happened which ultimately resulted in Bitcoin SV. The idea is to build a cryptocurrency in accordance with the principle of the original Bitcoin creators and scale it up as quickly as possible.  The Bitcoin whitepaper, which was originally part of the Bitcoin project, has been incorporated as one of the key vision documents of the Bitcoin SV project.

The project is currently helmed by Daniel Connolly and Steve Shadders and under their stewardship; Bitcoin SV price has gained considerable traction in the crypto world. In fact, despite the price volatility, BSV is quite swift to make entry into the club of 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. 

The cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology is quite popular among traders and is traded in all important cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe. Along with cryptocurrency exchanges, the Bitcoin SV is gaining traction among businesses also as it has been able to attract a lot of new ventures and clients to its fold thanks to its highly scalable decentralized network.

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