AvaTrade Review 2023

AvaTrade (a part of AVA group) is one of the leading and automated online brokers in the world today. Founded in 2006, AvaTrade has its headquarters in Ireland. AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and other top-notch financial authorities.

Currently, AvaTrade allows users from many countries and European Union member states to open an account and start trading. Some of these are Australia, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, Greenland, Grenada, Saudi Arabia, French Polynesia, Barbados, Belarus, Hong Kong, Burkina Faso, Gibraltar, Greece, Central African Republic, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, British Virgin Islands, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Nicaragua, Niger, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Equatorial Guinea, North Korea, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Northern Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands.

It provides multiple platforms for trading Forex, CFD, FX options, and cryptocurrencies to over 200,000 clients settled worldwide, who place nearly around 2 million trades every month. People in the United States cannot use AvaTrade.

The Ava Trade online trading platform was created to empower people to place trade confidently by identifying and averting the situations that might make them lose money. CFDs are complex instruments. Traders should begin trading CFDs only when they understand how CFDs work and consider whether they can take the high risk of losing their money. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading CFDs and other instruments mainly due to leverage. The trading platform is designed in such a way as to allow clients from all levels and backgrounds to unleash their true trading potentials confidently. This comprehensive AvaTrade review will help you know all the details about this web trading platform.

AvaTrade Review – Overview of AvaTradeAvaTrade Review – Overview of Platform

What is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is one of the most popular and leading international Forex brokers, and it is a part of the AVA group of companies. Founded in 2006, AvaTrade is one of the oldest online brokerages that are presently available. AvaTrade offers several beneficial features like trading platforms, mobile trading app, MetaTrader 4 integration, and many deposit and withdrawal methods for its traders.

Ava Trade Ltd has several offices around the world, which are located in Australia, Ireland, Japan, and the British Virgin Islands. AvaTrade is one of the most respected and largest online brokerage firms around the world. It accepts traders from several regions and trading accounts from various types of currencies.

Recently, Ava Trade Ltd announced its major partnership with English Premier League champions of 2018–19, Manchester City and underlined the brand’s visibility and growth. The promotional campaign of this promising partnership included some free online trading courses.

List of the Features Offered by AvaTrade Broker

As per our Avatrade reviews, the AvaTrade trading platform comprises some of the exciting features that most other trading platforms like this do not support. It keeps all rights reserved for its distinctive features and services.

Manual Trading Platforms: The AvaTrade trading platform offers two manual trading platforms that expose the traders to place trades and engage in trading activity more often. This increases their chances of winning while at the same time reduces their chances of capital loss. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading CFDs or other financial instruments, mainly due to leverage. Traders should start trading CFDs only when they understand how CFDs work and consider whether they can afford to let their retail investor accounts lose money.

The two-manual platforms are compatible with the mobile browsers and are named as MetaTrader 4 and AvaTrade. There are also auto trading options allowed on the AvaTrade trading platform, and the most widespread auto trading feature is named as ZuluTrade.

AvaTrade Contact: AvaTrade forex broker is considered as a market maker and is backed by a robust customer service team that resolves all the traders’ queries. The customer service team of Ava Trade can be connected via live chat, phone support, or emails, and the traders can communicate with the team in any of their preferred languages, which is the best part of this trading platform. Clients can also get in touch with the customer support team via social media platforms like Facebook. The customer service representatives regularly check in the comments and respond to them instantly through live chat.

Moreover, traders who make an initial deposit of $1000 or more to get started with the AvaTrade platform are assigned a dedicated account manager to guide them through placing their first trades. They will also keep the traders informed about how these platforms work or will give them regular updates about the market conditions and risks. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading in the market, so traders find it very helpful to have an expert guiding them.

CFD Trading: Apart from allowing cryptocurrency trading, AvaTrade also offers Forex options, CFDs, FX, and vanilla options trading. In fact, AvaTrade was one of the first few online brokers to have introduced Forex, CFD, FX, and vanilla options trading.

Risk DisclaimerTrading Forex Options and CFDs entail High risk and could result in situations where you lose money. CFDs are complex instruments. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading in such complex instruments. So, traders should invest in CFDs only when they understand how CFDs work and consider whether they can afford to lose money.

AvaTrade Review – CFD Trading of AvaTradeAvaTrade CFD Trading

Benefits of AvaTrade

As per our Avatrade review, with AvaTrade, the clients benefit from easy deposit and withdrawal methods, tight spreads, multilingual customer services all across the world, immediate execution of positions, 1000+ trading tools and instruments, and gaining access to live liquidity features through other various platforms. Here we discuss some of the amazing benefits that Ava Trade Ltd provides to its users.

Multiple Trading Platforms: AvaTrade offers multiple platforms to trade like MetaTrader 4, or MT4 (MetaTrader 5 is going to be uploaded soon as heard recently; however, the news is still not confirmed), DupliTrade, AvaOptions, WebTrader, and the AvaTradeGO mobile app. Besides, these traders also enjoy real-time online updates to gain a competitive advantage over other online brokers and also to mitigate any high risk associated with online trading. AvaTrade has no trading fees, but users need to incur some hidden non-trading AvaTrade fees. Regarding the currency conversion fee, no fee is charged if users fund their AvaTrade account with the same currency as their bank account. A good way to save the fee is to open a multi-currency bank account.

Islamic Account: Muslim traders enjoy the privilege of an Islamic account. These accounts conform to the Islamic Sharia law and Muslim traders can start trading forex, CFD, crypto, and futures.

Global Sponsorships: AvaTrade is the proud global partner and subsidiary of the English Premier League champions of 2018–19, Manchester City. This adds to the global reputation of this online broker. 

Comprehensive Education: The Demo mode feature allowed on the AvaTrade platform helps first-time users to learn the various online trade strategies. It also allows traders to test these trade strategies in a high risk-free environment so that no accounts lose money while trading with real money. In the demo account, traders have unlimited access to online video tutorials, articles, eBooks, and economic indicators, research tools. These resources help them immensely to sharpen their trading strategies and abilities. AvaTrade also hosts regular webinars with experts and professionals to help traders with market analysis and other important aspects of online trading. It also has an educational website Sharp Trader with exclusive material for AvaTrade users.

Worldwide Regulations: AvaTrade operates in various countries and complies with the regulation requirements of those respective countries. The platform tips the scale of the top Forex brokers of the world. AvaTrade EU Ltd is primarily regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and licensed throughout by the E.U. In Australia, Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd is regulated by ASIC. In Japan, Ava Trade Japan K.K. is regulated by the FSC or the Financial Services Commission, and FFAJ or the Financial Futures Association in Japan. In the British Virgin Islands, it is also regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission according to AvaTrade review. Whereas, in Canada, it is regulated by the IIROC or the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. It is also regulated by the prominent regulatory organization of South Africa — South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). AvaTrade Middle East Ltd is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA).

AvaTrade Review – Benefits of AvaTradeAvaTrade Benefits

Pros, Cons of using AvaTrade

Let’s have a look at the pros, cons of AvaTrade.

Pros Cons

      Trading CFDs, forex, and cryptocurrencies possible

      Only MetaTrader 4 available, no MetaTrader 5

   AvaTrade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, therefore, it is outwardly legit.

      Not much research functionality is available.

      AvaTrade offers some of the unique social trading features.

   There are some hidden non-trading fees like inactivity fees for accounts that remain stagnant beyond a certain period, and an administration fee, which is slowly revealed after the users register with the AvaTrade platform.

    AvaTrade offers an excellent education center to keep its users updated about the recent happenings in the crypto and forex world. The education section has research tools and research content to help users learn trading tactics so that no accounts lose money while trading.

      Users cannot set notifications and price alerts.


      Residents of the United States cannot use AvaTrade.

Demo Account

One of the most advantageous features offered by AvaTrade is the demo account. We highly recommend this demo mode for the new traders to practice and get accustomed to the platform. It is the best way to train one’s skills with a good trading strategy and to determine the investment products and ideal trading instruments that can be practiced without using real money. The Demo account offered by AvaTrade shows real-time market prices and conditions. Also, the demo account is valid only for 21 days. However, the validity of the account can be extended by contacting the customer service or the account supervisor of AvaTrade.

What is the Minimum Deposit for AvaTrade?

The minimum deposit requirement is $100 in case the deposits are made via debit cards or credit cards. But, we found from AvaTrade review that in the case of bank transfers, the minimum deposit is $500.

How Long Do AvaTrade Withdrawals Take?

The AvaTrade withdrawal method is smooth and hassle-free. There is no withdrawal fee. Generally, it takes 24 hours to initiate the processing of a withdrawal request. For this, the users need to fill up a withdrawal request form, after which the details would be verified with the database of the broker. Our AvaTrade review found that the request would then be initiated within 1 business day and the entire requested amount would reflect in the user’s account within a few business days. For e-wallets, the amount is reflected within 24 hours, whereas for debit cards or credit cards, it takes a maximum of 5 business days for receiving the payments into the users’ accounts. For a bank transfer, it takes around 10 business days to receive the payments.

Is AvaTrade Safe?

AvaTrade is one of the leading brokers with a market capitalization worth $17 billion, which is not something that we could normally see in Forex trading. This fact definitely contributes to the credibility of Ava Trade Ltd. Being registered in Ireland, AvaTrade complies with the stringent E.U. regulations, which yet again adds to the safety and reliability of the platform. Second-factor authentication is not required for a desktop trading platform, mobile, and web trading platform. Account holders can choose to use MetaTrader’s One Time Password (OTP).

AvaTrade assures its users the highest security and highest standards of data encryption, through some of the top-notch IT experts who always keep these users updated about the recent developments taking place in the IT world.

AvaTrade Review – Is AvaTrade safe?Is AvaTrade safe?

Moreover, some of the leading customer review websites & AvaTrade user reviews rated AvaTrade with a trust score of 93 out of 99 for customer support. Founded in 2006, AvaTrade has a long track record of being regulated by prominent regulators of the world. The platform is authorized by 3 tier-1 regulators, which implies high trust, 3 tier-2 regulators, which implies average trust, and 2 tier-3 regulators that implies low trust.

Options Trading Platform

Avatrade provides a web trading platform—AvaOptions. The web version of AvaOptions provides integration with any desktop trading platform and can be used for options trading and trading securities as well. We get to know from AvaTrade review, that the options platform’s interface allows the trader to manage and spot the options trades in one account. They can trade the options in more than 40 currency pairs, including precious metals, and it includes risk management features. Besides, the desktop platform offers options trading strategies, a limit situation with advanced stop loss and limit orders, a customizable interface on both call and put trading orders, and overnight support for one year.

Mobile App

AvaTrade provides an easy to use and useful mobile trading app for Android and IOS phones. The traders need to download the mobile app from the Google play store or Apple app store, log in to their account. Users of Ava Trade can then view their account details and can execute a wide range of trades.

Further, the mobile trading app also extends its support to multiple account types simultaneously, which includes MetaTrader 4 forex brokers accounts. By using the app, the trader can access the features at their fingertips which include faster trades, charting, and watchlist.

If the trader does not like the proprietary AvaTradeGO platform, it also supports the MT4 mobile trading app. When compared to the desktop platform of Ava Trade, the app features are limited, the traders can use either a desktop or laptop, but they can use the app on the go.

Trading Instruments

Apart from considering certain features about the safety of client funds, regulatory oversight, and the fee structure from AvaTrade or other brokers, the trader should consider important features when they are choosing a new CFD or a Forex trading platform and what are the assets they offer for the traders. Several traders might be looking to trade one single asset class like forex, CFD on individual shares and stocks. However, advanced and experienced traders might be looking for diversified asset classes, which implies a wide range of offerings across commodities, forex options, industries stocks, etc.

Below given is the list of AvaTrade instruments that it offers for trading:

  • It offers over 55 currency pairs, which include exotic currencies in forex.
  • In commodities, it offers 19 commodities with several features as per our AvaTrade review.
  • It offers 20 indices, all equity indices which are offered from several developed nations, including China and the global cannabis index.
  • It offers more than 500 major individual stocks from the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, France, and Italy, highlighting the most popular offerings.
  • In options, AvaTrade offers 46 currency pairs, which include precious metals like gold, highlighting the most popular one.
  • AvaTrade offers five major exchange-traded funds.
  • It also offers two major government bonds that can be traded.
  • It offers 14 major cryptocurrency pairs, which include the top five cryptocurrencies offered by market capitalization.
  • It offers 5 account base currencies.

Order Types

According to AvaTrade review, the AvaTrade platform offers three different order types for its traders. A trader can choose the order types as per his preferences and financial condition.

Market Order: this market order is executed at the present market price.

Limit Order: this order type sets a maximum buy limit price where the traders are willing to buy the asset or a minimum price where the trader is willing to sell the asset. This order will be executed at a limited price, whether it is a buy limit order price or a sell limit order price.

Stop Order: the major advantage of the AvaTrade stop order is it limits the chances to lose money. If the market prices fall below the stock prices, this order will become a market order once the price has reached.

AvaProtect: it is a type of order that acts as a sort of insurance policy against the circumstances that might trigger the chances of losing money. This results from trading operations that are made during a specific period. This kind of order comes with additional trading fees and the losses resulting from the trades will be reimbursed to the user as long as they occur during the specific period covered by the order.

What is AvaTrade Leverage?

In financing terms, “Leverage” refers to the ratio between the positional value and the investment required. Users can open a leveraged trading account at the AvaTrade forex broker. Our AvaTrade review found the following advantages that this trading platform has over others.

  • Leveraged trading enhances the initial capital of the traders.
  • It increases the profit potentials, but then every profit comes with an associated high risk owing to the volatility of the crypto market.
  • It increases the market exposure of the traders, which is very important to earn a significant amount of profits and also to capitalize on appropriate trading signals and market investments.
  • AvaTrade leverage can mitigate each and every high risk that might result in users losing money. Capital losses that have resulted from other trading positions can also be averted. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading in such complex instruments. CFDs are complex instruments.

However, the leverage at the AvaTrade platform varies by the nature of the asset and the traders’ domiciled country. But for the European traders having a professional account with AvaTrade forex broker, higher leverage may be possible depending on the account type.

How Does the AvaTrade Trading Platform Work?

  • Registration: To get started with the AvaTrade platform, the users need to first register themselves with the platform by opening an AvaTrade account with the platform. For account opening, the users first need to visit the official website of AvaTrade and fill out the application form available, thereby feeding some of the personal details like full name, address, phone number, and a valid email address. Next, the users would need to verify these details by uploading certain valid documents in support of the details that they have entered on the application form.
  • Click on the ‘Upload Documents’ Section and Add Either of the Following Documents:
    • A colored photocopy of a valid I.D. issued by the government, like a driver’s license or passport. The ID must have your name, photo, and date of birth mentioned clearly, and they should match with the details that you have provided on the application form.
    • Likewise, for address verification, the users need to upload a utility bill, which should not be more than 6 months old.
AvaTrade Reviews – Registration of AvaTradeAvaTrade Sign Up
  • AvaTrade offers a standard account and a demo account. The minimum deposit required to open a standard account is $100 or $500 if funds are transferred with credit/debit card or wire transfer respectively. Corporate accounts are also available on the AvaTrade platform. However, Corporate accounts need more documentation like the Corporate Board Resolution, Memorandum, and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Shareholders Register, etc. that the users need to upload on the platform.
  • Funding: According to AvaTrade review 2023, after the users register for the account opening process on the AvaTrade platform, it is time to fund their account in order to get started with some real trading. But always remember that the base currency pairs (like EUR, USD, GBP, or AUD) of your account cannot be changed once the account has been set up. But then, you can always add an account with another such currency pair sometime in the future if that needs to be done.
  • Account: Traders can easily open either a live account or a demo account. After registration for account opening, the trader will receive their account details and information regarding how to start trading through email.
  • GBP can be used as one of the base currencies exclusively by the residents of the U.K., while Australians can have AUD as their base currency. However, U.S. residents cannot use this AvaTrade platform as it does not have any regulated broker to partner with.
  • Start Trading: After the users are done with funding their Avatrade account, they can participate in the live trading. AvaTrade also allows its users to try their hands-on trading initially with the demo mode that is virtually funded but has all the necessary trading tools as in real trading.
  • This way, the clients can gain an insight into real online trading before they actually try online trading with real money. This mitigates the high risk of losing money because of the ignorance about how a web trading platform works via brokers like AvaTrade. Once the traders are ready to trade with confidence, they can switch to real trading at their own discretion. Traders should, however, be careful that the market is volatile and sometimes accounts lose money in huge amounts due to leverage.
  • AvaTrade is also one of the most reliable copy trading platforms. Users can also opt for copy trading. Copy-trading can be very useful to beginners as they can learn from other trader’s technical analysis, investment objectives, skills, and risk appetite. Copy-trading can also be helpful for experienced traders as they can learn new tactics, new trading tools, and thereby increase their success.
  • Easy search functions and intuitive research tools are available.

Cryptocurrency Trading

  • We get to know from the AvaTrade review that by using the AvaTrade platform, the traders can trade some of the top-rated cryptocurrencies 24×7. The traders can start to trade with cryptocurrencies with a minimum of $100 and the trader can get leverage up to 20:1. The easy search functions can be really helpful.
  • Besides, AvaTrade also offers competitive swap rates and it also offers the ability to go short or sell a cryptocurrency, which might lead to potential profit when the price decreases. Moreover, profits are not possible in this situation if the trader trades in an exchange.
  • Unlike when trading crypto in an exchange, there is no high risk of wallet hacking or theft. There is also no need to have a cryptocurrency wallet as it will be confusing and time-consuming for new traders. Therefore, traders can trade with confidence with AvaTrade.
  • The trader can use the search function to look for the available cryptos and trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, and Dash.
  • Presently the limit is $600,000 for BTC pairs, $250,000 for XRP, and $400,000 for ETH, and also, there is a limit of $200,000 for LTC and BCH, and $50,000 for EOS/USD and BTC/USD.

AvaTrade Regulation

  • AvaTrade Ltd is regulated by the B.V.I. Financial Service Commission.
  • AvaTrade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd is regulated by the ASIC.
  • Ava Capital Markets Pty is regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa.
  • Ava Trade Japan K.K. is licensed and regulated in Japan by the Financial Services Agency.
  • AvaTrade Middle East Ltd is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA).

Testimonials From Users

“Didn’t have much trust in cryptocurrencies brokers and so traded with Friedberg Direct (a division of Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd.) as I found it reliable. But apart from that, I wanted to trade forex as well. Under these circumstances, AvaTrade was a real find as it has a good track record. They have various assets: fiat currencies, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies as well. Even though most assets quotes stop for a trading halt on the weekends, cryptocurrencies still can be traded on Saturday and Sunday. Trading CFDs is, however, risky, so news traders should consider whether they can afford to take the risk of losing money. In Canada, Friedberg Direct, a division of Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd., has had a good hold over forex broking since its inception. However, of late, AvaTrade has been able to oust Friedberg Direct with its intuitive platform and products.”

“AvaTrade Ltd (a part of AVA group) is a kind of a brokerage that can be trusted and considered to be of the market maker level of forex brokers. That was, actually, the only reason why I had to choose it. Almost all good forex brokers UK are the same; that’s true. I mean, in general, details, of course, may vary. However, the only thing that’s HIGHLY varied is regulations and client support. AvaTrade Ltd is extremely good in this regard; it’s regulated in the European Union, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and so on. It’s a critical question for me, as I see it, as it’s the most important for every trader. How can I trade with a brokerage if there are doubts about its reliability? I don’t know how you deal with this, but I can’t trade in such high risk conditions. After reading through various user reviews, my choice was obvious – AvaTrade, as it is regulated and, as a result, a trusted brokerage even in South Africa.

For me, the fact that Ava Capital Markets Pty was founded 15 years ago and has got licenses all over the world – that was the crucial fact to choose this particular broker. I’ve had enough of excuses from my other broker why they can’t execute my orders fast enough (market conditions), why even a bank transfer can’t be completed in a week (bank-side troubles), why they can’t offer decent support (the policy is to reply within 24 hours) – no more excuses with AvaTrade. Market conditions, banks’ policies, and trading conditions are totally the same, but here withdrawals arrive at the user’s bank accounts the same, or the next day, the order gets executed fine; support works fine. It does not charge any trading fees, deposit fees, or withdrawal fees and bears all the trading costs. But it does charge an inactivity fee. Very good and prompt customer support service. I had earlier used Friedberg Direct wherein customer accounts are protected by Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). I recommend people in the United Kingdom to try AvaTrade for a rewarding trading experience!

“It’s the best broker I’ve ever tried; I’m extremely satisfied! No new-fashioned custom platform with dirty hacks built-in that customers will never know of, any personalized news feed, and nothing they don’t need—regular brokerage with regulated trading platforms. Ava Trade Japan K.K. is licensed and regulated in Japan by the Financial Services Agency. AvaTrade just offers good service. If you come across any Ava Trade scam broker reports, just ignore them! The AvaTrade team gets a 10 out of 10 for their amazing customer service, effective trading ideas, and account protection. Managers are very friendly, and their support team is very fast. Flash-speed executions. Has a clear fee report; no fees to be paid for trading. Only an inactivity fee is charged. One of the best brokers for sure.”

“AvaTrade is a nice regulated brokerage with a long track record of success. You might know that in every jurisdiction, a broker must have a special license to work. This broker has managed to acquire such a license in all major jurisdictions, which makes it a reliable partner, in my opinion. This broker has licenses from European Union, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, and many more. I also think that some traders like me will appreciate the variety of trading assets with a dozen different cryptocurrencies available there as well. Good attitude from customer support and their helpfulness is yet another advantage. Spreads, commissions, CFD fees, and financing rates are about average (e.g., 0.9 pips is the min spread for trading EUR/USD). If you are looking to withdraw funds, be aware that withdrawals are not immediate. All withdrawals, including bank transfers, normally take under two days to get completed. They also offer negative balance protection forex for your funds, which is a great plus. CFDs are complex instruments, so consider whether you understand how CFDs work before investing.”

Wrap Up

As per our AvaTrade review, the AvaTrade platform offers competitive spreads to its users, but that depends on the account types that the users have registered into. It allows traders to get started with online trading with a mere deposit of $100.

From applying top-notch cutting-edge technologies, offering multilingual customer services to sharing comprehensive education material with its users, the AvaTrade platform is undoubtedly the perfect choice for those who are keen to earn some passive incomes via online brokers like AvaTrade. The platform provides complete peace of mind to the traders to trade with confidence.


1. Is AvaTrade Legit?

Yes, Avatrade is a legit trading platform that allows trading of forex and CFDs along with cryptocurrency trading. “But before investing in CFDs, be sure you understand how CFDs work. The AvaTrade brand is well regulated across the world, including Europe, South Africa, and Australia, where various regulatory bodies regulate them.”

2. What is the Minimum Amount of Deposit Required to Start Trading via AvaTrade?

The minimum deposit required to get started with AvaTrade is $100.

3. Is Spread Betting Available via AvaTrade?

Yes, AvaTrade allows Spread Betting for Ireland and U.K. residents as per the AvaTrade review. U.K. residents can enjoy some tax benefits from this spread betting as compared to CFD trading.

4. How to Make a Deposit on AvaTrade?

There are various deposit options to fund your account on AvaTrade, like you can use your debit card, credit card, or make bank wire transfers, or even use other forms of e-payment. The users need to click on the Fund your account tab and then select their preferred methods for depositing funds in their account. For bank wire transfers, the minimum deposit is $500. There is no deposit fee.

5. Is AvaTrade Regulated?

  • Yes, Avatrade has worldwide recognition and is regulated by the following bodies.
  • The Central Bank of Ireland regulates AvaTrade E.U. Ltd.
  • Ava Capital Markets Pty is regulated by the prominent regulatory organization of South Africa — South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).
  • The ASIC regulates Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd.
  • AvaTrade Japan K.K. is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), and the Financial Futures Association in Japan (FFAJ).
  • AvaTrade Middle East Ltd is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA).

Risk Disclaimer: Trading Forex Options and CFDs entail high risk and could result in situations where you lose money due to leverage. CFDs are complex instruments. Many retail accounts and retail clients lose money while trading in such complex instruments. Traders should start trading CFDs only when they understand how CFDs work and consider whether they can let their retail investor accounts lose money.














  • Allows trading CFDs, forex, and cryptocurrencies
  • This broker is regulated by the Central bank of Ireland. Therefore it is outwardly legit.
  • AvaTrade offers some of the unique social trading features.


  • Only MetaTrader 4 available, no MetaTrader 5
  • Not much research functionality available
  • Users cannot set notifications and price alerts.
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