NEO News

Neo is a cryptocurrency platform that also doubles up as a digital coin powered by the open-source blockchain technology. Neo is invented with the idea of providing a decentralized platform that can be scaled up quickly to offer a large number of decentralized applications. Both Neo and Ethereum are quite similar in their approach although there are some key differentiators that set these large scalable blockchain platforms apart from each other. Take, for instance, the support for different programming languages such as C++ and JavaScript which are available only on Neo. Thanks to the neoVM, the Docker’s customized version, Neo has the ability to arrange the code into its environment. This is quite opposite to Ethereum which requires its native language to execute smart contracts.

Another key differentiator that puts the Neo ahead of rivals is its network. Neo’s platform not only supports its own Neo coin but also integrates a lot of other cryptocurrencies on its network. This specifically makes Neo a potential contender to emerge as a global digital payment platform in the coming years.

Many crypto experts tag Neo coin as one of the most stable cryptocurrencies and predict that neo coin price will scale up slowly and steadily in the future. In one of the prominent News on Neo, the decentralized cryptocurrency platform announced that it has become the first-ever cryptocurrency to become a member of the NET foundation which is run by Microsoft.

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