Chainlink News

Chainlink is based on the ethereum blockchain platform and used as an intermediary to help in the execution of smart contracts. It can be considered as an intermediate stage that helps the seamless data transfer between smart contracts and external data sources. In simple language, it is one specific kind of Oracle iteration, i.e. distributed oracle technology that was launched in the market in 2014 by the company called SmartContract.

The primary reason behind the launch of this project is to protect the information and reduce any chances of inaccurate data handling in the data transfer process. SmartContract organization has robust experience in handling of the data as the company empowers transactions between banks and SWIFT international payment network covering around a total of 11,000 banks globally.

Chainlink is powered through its native token LINK. Chainlink (LINK) is giving a push to smart contracts through enabling the process of data transfer function between smart contracts and external banks seamlessly. In fact, Ethereum blockchain and Chainlink technology is touted to be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency space thanks to their high-speed transactions and widely distributed network. Chainlink price news is often associated with its collaborations that the project has been able to strike across organizations in the cryptocurrency space and blockchain technology domain. LINK coin news, on the other hand, relates more to its price movement vis-a-vis Bitcoin. The price of the LINK is dynamic and continues to keep changing in accordance with alteration in internal and external market forces.

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