Electroneum News

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the focus of electroneum (launched in 2017) is on driving digital payment consumption by targeting smartphone users. Referred to as a mobile-based cryptocurrency, electroneum (etn) has got the potential to herald a new digital payment ecosystem based on smartphone devices. One of the unique propositions of etn is its cross border remittances which cost virtually nil from the perspective of the transaction fee.

The most unique thing about electroneum is its compliance with the regulatory framework. The cryptocurrency operates under the UK’s regulations and is fully compliant with anti-money laundering directive of Europe. In fact, electroneum is the very first cryptocurrency in the world which has adopted verifications such as AML and KYC.  These extra steps has brought a high degree of safety and security aspect to the table and this is the reason why this blockchain-based cryptocurrency has been able to strike a partnership with one of the mainstream mobile network operators – the very first for any cryptocurrency.

In the latest electroneum news, the freelance platform of the digital coin, AnyTask has added a vast selection of 109 languages to its list in order to help users interact and communicate in their preferred local languages. electroneum latest news also includes the digital currency winning the crypto awards hosted by UK’s newspaper where it emerged winner in the category of social impact and sustainability, affirming the environment-friendly credentials of the coin and its mining process.

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