IG Review 2020


IG is a forex broker, founded in the year 1974, and has been ranked the best Broker for Forex trading. Since its inception, it has been serving as one of the global leaders of online trading, and as such, it has been a pioneer for CFDs (contract for difference) and spread betting. IG offers, WebTrader and MetaTrader4 or MT4 trading currency platforms with over 100 forex currency pairs, shares, over 17,000 products spread over multiple asset classes, that includes commodities, indices, bonds, CFDs, stocks, i g index, gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for both the purposes of personal investment and brokerage options. The broker allows its clients to invest and trade in shares and other global currency markets as well and earn significant profit therefrom. As per the recent reports, IG offers services to over 130,000 active clients settled all across the world. Also, it processes around 350,000 transactions each day, across all its regulated entities settled in the UK and other international locations.

The IG Group is regulated by multiple jurisdictions from all around the world, and this fact makes the platforms outwardly legit with no room left to tag it as a scam. Multiple regulators from all around the world like the NFA in the US, the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, the FSCA or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in South Africa, ASIC or the Australian Securities and Investment Commission in Australia, and the DBFSA in the United Arab Emirates, regulates IG. We have prepared this IG review to let the users know about its positive and negative traits so that it becomes easier for them to decide whether or not this is the right system that matches their trading criteria.

IG Review – Leading Trading PlatformIG Review – Leading Trading Platform


The IG web platform offers some of the excellent features to its registered users that makes it a top forex broker, catering to the needs of the traders irrespective of their locations.

~ Country of regulation: The IG is available in countries like EU, Switzerland, UK, US, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, UAE, and New Zealand, where the system is governed by different regulatory bodies of the respective jurisdictions.

~ Fees structure: There are no transfer fees charged from UK traders using their debit cards. However, for non-European debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal, a 1.5% transfer fees is charged on IG. The inactivity fees charged on the dormant accounts beyond a certain period of time is a negative aspect of the otherwise sound broker that needs to be improved.

As far as withdrawal fees IG are concerned, there are no such withdrawal fees as such, but if the traders are too keen to receive the payment on the same day, using a CHAPS bank transfer, they are charged a fee of 15 of EUR USD. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, and the withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours after the submission of the withdrawal request form.

~ Mode of payment: The traders can enjoy multiple modes of payments and can make their deposits at their own discretion. There are options for wire transfers, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, etc. Any mode of payment will serve the purpose.

~ Base currencies available: There are all total 6 base currencies available with the IG. It charges the most competitive conversion rates to convert CFDs and forex trades back to the traders’ base currencies.

~ Products offered: Besides Forex trading, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, the IG also offers other products like Stock, Shares, ETF, Options, and Equities for UK based clients. Services like the Robo-advisory service or the IPOs are also available for UK clients. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading CFDs with this provider. One should understand how CFDs actually work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

IG Review – Products offered by IGIG Review – Products offered by IG

~ Guaranteed Stop Orders: There is a “stop order” feature allowed for the IG traders who want to close their positions after reaching a specific price pay.

IG Reviews – Amazing FeaturesIG Reviews – Amazing Features

Benefits Of Using IG Group For Trading

Some of the obvious benefits that the IG group offers are discussed hereunder that sets this online broker apart from its competitors:-

~ Compatible with both desktop and mobile app: With the robust API interfaces and the industry-standard MetaTrader 4, the trading platform offers the best desktop experience to its users that they cannot even think of. Though MetaTrader 5 is not available on the platforms, still the clients can upgrade to the advanced charting platform that is free of cost, as long as they trade actively in a month. The desktop model of IG trade has some of the basic features like risk management tools, and guaranteed stop-losses. ProRealTime and the Reuters news are also something that the trading platform users can expect from the broker. Charts can also be split into multiple time frames using the desktop features allowed on it.

IG also allows mobile app for Android and iOS and can also be loaded on tablets. Basic features compatible with mobile include price alerts, customized watchlists, and technical IG index and charting. There is also a useful tab as a “menu” that features third-party trade signals. All the mobile trading applications provided by IG are protected by the face and touch identification.

~ Amazing Customer Service: The IG customer service is one of the prompt redressal systems that the system mightily boasts of. The UK residents can contact the customer service team with a toll-free number that is available 6 days a week from morning 8 o’clock till night at 10 o’clock. Both the present and the prospective clients can connect to the customer service team at any time of the day. Company representatives are available for issues redressal through live chats or via telephones. They can also be connected via Emails, and social media platforms wherein the representatives regularly scan for issues faced by the traders and respond to them instantly. Even if all these mediums fail, which is the rarest of the rare cases, there is a well-documented customer service complaint procedure that would assist the traders in getting their issues solved.

~ Use Friendly: This is perhaps one of the most important criteria to become the traders’ favorite platform. If the traders can easily connect to the broker, even when they do have that much professional expertise in handling online forex trading and even don’t have previous experience in working with a broker, it becomes the traders’ favorite system instantly. This is where the trading platform wins over the traders’ confidence. With an easy-to-handle interface, it helps the beginners to try their hands in online brokerage efficiently.

IG Reviews – Benefits of Choosing IGIG Reviews – Benefits of Choosing IG

~ Impressive Research Tools: It operates a news portal named as the DailyFX.com. This website features various research articles, comprehensive news topics, educational portal along with myriads of in-house topics including IG market conditions and fundamental analysis. There is also in-house production of real-time news covering major currency pairs. Multiple live webinars are also organized by the IG group that helps the traders to build their trading skills. There is a section dedicated exclusively for trading strategies that highlight the short-term trade signals, pivot points, analyst picks, and myriads of technical data to help the traders understand the online trading strategies efficiently. Many retail investor accounts lose money while trading CFDs with this provider. One should understand how CFDs actually work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

~ Imparts quality education: The DailyFX Forex University under the IG academy provides course-based materials covering forex trading, shares and other technical topics. Moreover, the IG academy has its own educational portals that cover essential topics like CFDs and spread betting apart from forex trading. The course materials are segregated into 3 levels, namely, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to make the syllabus easier to understand for the traders. Clients can also avail of the course materials via the IG Academy mobile trading app.

Pros and Cons

       IG offers a guaranteed stop-loss feature to its users.       There are some unnecessary subscription and exchange fees that the users find bothersome.
       It operates in over a thousand markets, thereby enhancing fair chances of earning profits in the various markets.

       There are fees charged for dormant accounts beyond a certain period of time, which is also something that needs to be discarded.

       It offers industry-standard MT4

   There are no provisions for retail clients to trade Forex on Interbank.

       IG operates with some of the high-end platforms that add to the credibility of the platform.       There are no provisions of copy trading or social trading, so it becomes difficult for beginners to trade via this IG platform.

Disclaimer:- The risks of loss from investing in CFDs can be substantial and the value of your investments may fluctuate. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of accounts lose money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how this product works, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Also, it does not support any third party website, its endorsement.

How does IG work?

To avail of the various amazing features that IG offers, the traders need to register themselves on the trading platform. Registration is otherwise free, but there are some inactivity fees charged by the broker for accounts that remain dormant beyond a certain period of time. Some say this is just to encourage the traders to trade often and increase their chances of earning profits. While some critics say that these are unnecessary charges that the platform allegedly charges for their own profits. Here are the steps of registration on IG discussed.

~ Opening an account: Opening an account on online online brokers like IG generally appears to be very simple. All the users need to do their login to the official web page of the online brokers and fill in an application form with some personal details like full name, valid email address, and phone number for further communication, full address, etc. After the traders fill in these details, they need to upload copies of some authorized documents in support of the details that they have entered in the application form. The documents would be verified, and a confirmation email would be sent to the email address provided to confirm that the registration process was successful, and now the trader can fund his account and commence trading via the IG Broker. The mail sent is an auto-generated one, and therefore, the traders need not reply to that mail.

~ Fund your account: After creating the account on the IG broker, now the traders are required to fund their accounts. This is like the initial working capital that every trader needs to invest to get started with any kind of trade. The minimum amount needs to be deposited on the IG account, which is $250 per month via debit or credit cards. However, for bank transfers, there is no minimum range for deposits. However, the trading platform allows other various methods of payments as the trader may find then convenient. Apart from funding via debit or credit cards, there are also options for wire bank transfers, e payments, and other modes of payments lie Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, etc.

For making the initial deposits, the traders first need to log in to their respective account by feeding in the login details provided and then selecting the “Live Account” and click on the “deposit funds” tab and finally select the “mode of payments”, to deposit funds into their account.

~ Start trading: After funding the account, the traders literally get the license to start trading. But for that, they need to set the criteria first and click on “live trading”. The broker will place a trade as soon as your criteria match with the trade; in fact, the trade will be automatically triggered when the criteria are met. Alternatively, It also allows its users to sign up for a demo account initially. The demo account allowed on IG has all the necessary trading tools as in the ‘live trading account’, and exposes the traders to the same trading environment as in real trading. The only difference in the demo trading account is that the demo account is virtually funded, which means that the traders can trade without risking their real money. This helps the traders to understand how the IG trading works, what strategies will work best on the system etc. After the traders gain enough confidence regarding online trading, they can quickly switch modes to “live trading” and earn significant profits with just a few clicks.

IG review – Account Opening ProcessIG review – Account Opening Process

Is IG A Good broker?

Yes, IG Markets Ltd is undoubtedly a good broker. The fact that IG is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 250 (LON: IGG), and regulated by tier 1 bodies, contributes to the credibility of the system.

IG Reviews – Trade Analysis at IGIG Reviews – Trade Analysis at IG

How long do IG withdrawals take?

IG allows easy withdrawals of funds. All it requires the traders is to fill up a withdrawal request form giving all the details like which account they need to withdraw funds, or what would be the mode of receiving funds, what amount they want to withdraw, etc. After the application is received, it is then verified, and once everything falls into their places, the processing is initiated within 24 hours.

Testimonials shared by various users of IG

Easy to use platform. ProRealTime is a superb charting package. Very flexible and customizable. On the few occasions that I have rung up with a problem, the technical team has solved it.”

Straightforward easy-to-navigate platform, fast execution, no requotes, no charge at all for Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders (GSLOs) except if triggered + with no silly price distances from the strike, no inactive account charges, very efficient daily account reporting, PLUS a highly professional 24/7 support team.”

Consistently reliable broker with good margin and interactive charts. There is a lot of educational materials and brokerage ideas available. There are also daily videos assessing the current markets. I have tried other brokers but never found one better than IG. You need a name you can trust when you have your money with them. IG is one of those names I have trusted for many years.”

IG is a premier league platform compared to other trading systems. As simple to use and execute above any other system and also giving you a massive spectrum in ALL contract/module trading. I have continuously recommended IG to family, friends, and work colleagues.”

I’m very new to this—first month. But I enjoyed the IG website. Easy to navigate”.

Disclaimer:-The risks of loss from investing in CFDs can be substantial and the value of your investments may fluctuate. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of accounts lose money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how this product works, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Wrap Up

IG group began its journey in 1974 as an IG Index, initially to help the individual retail investors in speculating the prices of gold. Soon, the broker gained momentum to be the first-ever financial spread-betting company of the world, and since then, the IG Index has been the market leader in Forex trading points, shares and cryptocurrencies.

The IG Group has a market capitalization of around £3.1 billion and has been operating in over 14 countries all across the world and serving more than 195,000 active clients from different corners of the world. It started with its first-ever online trading service in 1998 and eventually evolved with its first iPhone app services back in 2008.

IG has indeed come up a long way; in 2017, it launched its first-ever Smart Portfolios to manage its investment space for CFDs, Forex pairs, and cryptocurrency pairs that included Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. It obtained the US Forex Dealer Member license in the year 2018 that marked a major milestone in the economic success of the platform and also provides direct market access (DMA).


1. Is the IG platform safe for online trading?

Yes, IG is absolutely safe and reliable, and the platform itself operates amidst a regulated environment for trading financial, share dealing and Forex instruments. In fact, the platform has been receiving regulatory oversight from many other global agencies, which makes the platform even more legit and safer. Moreover, each company within the IG Group complies with the regulations from the appropriate bodies in the area where it operates.

2. How can I deposit funds into my IG account?

Funds can be deposited using any of the following modes of payments—debit or credit cards, e-wallets, wire bank transfers, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. However, fees IG are charged if the payments are made via debit cards or credit cards, or PayPal. For bank transfers, there are no fees charged.

3. Is registration free on the IG platform?

Yes, signing up on the IG platform is absolutely free. But once the account is created, traders need to fund their accounts in order to start trading via IG.

4. What is the minimum deposit for IG?

The minimum deposit for IG is $0 in case of bank transfers and $250 per month in case of payments made by debit or credit cards or services like PayPal.














  • It offers industry-standard MT4
  • IG offers a guaranteed stop-loss feature to its users.
  • It operates in over a thousand markets, thereby enhancing fair chances of earning profits in the various markets.


  • There are some unnecessary subscription and exchange fees that the users find bothersome.
  • There are no provisions for retail clients to trade Forex on Interbank.