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Arbol Founders and Chainlink Join Hands to Launch dClimate

Business operation has always been affected by the volatility of weather. As per the records of AGCS, an international insurance provider, the insurers made an annual payment of around $15 billion in 1980-89 and $70 billion in 2010-13 for damage control due to catastrophic weather events. Today, almost 70% of the businesses of the world are exposed to climatic disasters. The United States economy records a 30% loss in overall GDP due to variable climatic conditions. The adverse impact of climate is especially severe for small-scale businesses that are generally underinsured or uninsured. Arbol Founders has a solution for the climatic disaster issue faced by companies across the world.

The Blockchain-oriented parametric products of Arbol employ the robust Oracle network of Chainlink, through a newfound partnership between Arbol Founders and Chainlink, to estimate the payouts based on objective publicly, third-party verifiable weather and climate data. Arbol Inc. is now gearing up to launch dClimate very soon. The decentralized and transparent marketplace for climate prediction, models, and data, dClimate, is driven by the widely adopted Oracle network of Chainlink. The platform of dClimate establishes a direct connection between climate data reporters, publishers, government agencies, researchers, and academic institutions on one side and climate data consumers like business consumers on the other side.

The partnership between Arbol and Chainlink focuses on developing dClimate to make the platform meet the global demand for immutable, accurate, and easily accessible climate forecasts, models, and data. The platform of dClimate serves as a vast decentralized framework for the firm and accurate climatic data as a standalone infrastructure. According to Arbol CEO Sid Jha, dClimate will offer its services to InsurTech platforms such as Chainlink and Arbol and provide data to business organizations located in disaster-prone areas, including California for wildfire incidents and Florida for hurricanes.

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