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Binance Coin (BNB) Price Pulled Down by 4% Due to Bearish Trend

Binance Coin is predicted to have a price rally in the near term. A few days earlier, Binance Coin marked an anticipated move that gave the traders a sigh of relief. However, most of the coins went again under the market pressure and similarly, BNB coin is registering downside momentum due to the same. It is likely to believe that the downtrend would hang for a while. The traders might have to wait a little longer than expected for recovery.

Binance Coin Price Analysis:

Binance Coin Price TodayYesterday, Binance Coin started dealing at $15.04, and then, the price jumped to $15.31 by 1.79%. The currency dropped to $14.90 by 2.77%. After that, the coin price escalated to $15.12 by 1.47% hike. Binance Coin price dropped to $14.96 by 1.09% and then, the coin took a tremendous fall of 4.92% and reached $14.22. The closing hour picked up the BNB coin price to $14.62 by 2.83%. The intraday movement reflected 3.50% regression. Today, the Binance coin started dealing with $14.51. The price locked around $14.48 for a while and then dropped to $14.33.

BNB coin price is currently dealing at $14.32. The coin price seems to be trading towards the immediate support level at $14.21. The said level might get violated shortly. However, if the price momentum improves, then the coin might be seen trading around the immediate resistance level at $15.11. We would suggest the traders go for a long-term investment with Binance Coin to ensure high returns.

Resistance Level  Price Support Level Price
R1 $15.11 S1 $14.21
R2 $15.63 S2 $13.83
R3 $16.01 S3 $13.31

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