The Bearish Trend Takes the NEO Price to $8.9

NEO Price

The crypto market is on the dramatic move. The coins in the market are currently under huge pressure. Most of the coins that opened with upside momentum are now reflecting a loss. The anticipations of improvement are quite thin. The traders are recommended to remain patient in such a volatile market.

NEO coin was spotted struggling yesterday. However, the currency closed the day with a positive digit. Today, the opening hours continued yesterday’s trend, but couldn’t keep it locked. Presently, NEO is registering the loss.

NEO Price Prediction

NEO Price NewsYesterday, NEO started dealing at $8.68. The currency jumped to $8.78 by 1.06%. The price couldn’t hold the uptrend and dropped to $8.68 by 1.16% fall. Further, the NEO price escalated to $9.07 by 4.54% hike. After that, the price slipped to $8.96 by 1.21%. The coin escalated to $9.14 by 2.02%. Then again, the NEO price dropped to $8.89. The intraday movement in the coin reflected an overall loss of 2.99% as NEO closed the day at $8.94. Today, the opening hours took the price to $9.22. The price slipped to $8.93 by 3.11% drop.

NEO is anticipated to close the day with a downtrend. The intraday traders might have bear losses. The coin is currently at $8.93. NEO is recommended for long-term traders. The short term might not bring the desired return to the investors; hence, we aren’t recommending the same.

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