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Bitcoin Cash Escalated By 85% Over a Month

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price movement exhibited tremendous improvement
  • The coin holds high expectations of the traders

Bitcoin Cash is registering a hike of 85% in a month-long movement. The astounding improvement has pumped a lot of enthusiasm amongst the traders. The falling reputation of the coin was a serious problem for the brain behind the coin. However, the same seems resolved by now.

The upcoming period in the coin is speculated to be great. The first quarter would help the traders in recovering the previous losses. The coin is currently among top trending crypto coins.

BCH/USD Price Chart:

Bitcoin Cash NewsBitcoin Cash started dealing at $205 on January 01, 2020. The currency dropped to $194 by 5.59% in the next 2 days. The improvement in the coin brought the price to $252 by 29.97% on January 08, 2020. Then, it slipped to $235 by 6.77% at 07:30 UTC on January 10, 2020. After this, the coin jumped to $269 by 17.57% and remained at the same level for a while. The currency jumped to $358 at 23:00 UTC in the next 23 hours and 30 minutes. Bitcoin Cash dropped to $313 by 12% before it jumped to $397 by 26.86%. In the next few days, the coin dropped to $323 by 18.63%. It locked itself at the same level. The currency declined to $302 by 9.50% at 09:30 UTC on January 24, 2020. BCH jumped to $393 by 30.45% on January 30, 2020. There is a slight slip in the price that brought it to $382 by 2% on January 31, 2020.

As per the MACD chart, the signal line is about to intersect the MACD line as it is set to have a bearish crossover. The current trend might slightly be disturbed. However, the coin has a flourishing future. The traders can dig-in with a high prospect.

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