Bitcoin SV Exhibits a Stable Trend; Resistance Seems Likely at $337.09

BSV Coin

BSV’s price over the last 24 hours has gone through heavy dwindling. However, it could maintain the value above $310 for most of the time. Bitcoin SV’s price was at $316.46 at the starting of the day, and its first swing started at 00:05 UTC.

BSV NewsOver the next 3 hours, BSV’s value deteriorated, and it got pulled down to the lowest of the day at $280.99. It was followed by a 19.32% hike that added $54.29 to the value by 12:21 UTC. This increment pushed the bar to $335.29, the highest for the day. However, BSV couldn’t stand at $335 for long, and it started trading downwards from 12:21 UTC. By 00:47 UTC today, the currency witnessed a price drop to the extent of 8.57% that took the coin price to $306.55.

BSV Price Prediction

There has been a marginal increment in the market cap over the last 24 hours. Between January 16 & 17, the market cap has risen from 5.701 billion USD to 5.727 billion USD. BSV’s current price at $313.97 has managed decent leads over the 20 days MA ($313.49) and 50 days MA ($310.65). This lead is likely to increase in the coming days.

Bitcoin SV (BSV)Resistance and Support Levels