TRON 4.0 is All Set to Elevate the Ecosystem; TRX Trades at $0.0176

TRON 4.0 that was set to release on July 07, 2020, is celebrating the 2nd TRON anniversary with many developments made in 2020. Moreover, TRON emoji is now live on Twitter, and as a shrewd partner, Poloniex exchange congratulates for TRX 4.0 update to CEO of TRON, Justin Sun. 

TRON 4.0 also acknowledged as the Great Voyage is all set to release tomorrow as the global online conference explains TRON 4.0 uncovering along with explaining the agenda of the TRON ecosystem, financial infrastructure of exchanges, development, and application of Blockchain wallets and development with the BitTorrent ecosystem.

TRON 4.0 is the second most awaited event of 2020 after the 3rd Bitcoin Halving and postponement of Ethereum 2.0. TRON ecosystem is believed to be all elevated with the new upgrade of the year. Moreover, the JUST DeFi team, as claimed, is ready to launch three new DeFi products categorically known as— “JUST Lend” to earn interests or borrow assets against collateral for TRON users, followed by “JUST-Swap” and “JUST BTC.”

Additionally, TRX coin has been doing great on the price front just when many other altcoins of the market, including the king of the cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin are holding a flat momentum due to lack of traction. TRON is holding a slow yet steady uptrend after the market crash in March.

TRON Price Analysis

On the 24-hourly chart, TRX/USD is holding a flat momentum yet is drawing an uptrend with strong resistance at $0.0186 over the past four months now. TRON coin at the onset of the previous month was seen trading around the major resistance area and shifted sideways for the rest of the month.

However, over the past week, the coin has regained the lost momentum and is appearing to rise around $0.0186 price area. The intraday trading for the coin appears bullish due to the gained momentum, and the technicals also confirm the same as TRX retains complete support from 50-day and 200-day daily MA on the 24-hourly chart.

The MACD chart confirms the bullish divergence due to intraday gain of momentum, and the RSI of TRON is also inclined towards the overbought region at 65.19 due to an increase in demand.

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