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Attwood Import Export to Launch New Security Sticker Built Using VeChainThor

Many markets are experiencing a drastic upturn in customer needs as the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects begin to fade, particularly for cutting-edge, high-quality products. The deficits of conventional logistics designs have gotten more severe during this revival, and fraud cases have increased dramatically, particularly in emerging economies.

The top Enterprise-class public blockchain globally, VeChainThor, was created to close trust gaps in statistics. Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries by levelling the field of play so that all parties can evaluate each other’s claims autonomously.

Technologies that can validate a product’s origin, logistics paths, and validity offer a significant chance for importers and manufacturers of luxury items. It should come as no surprise that the use of blockchain is advancing rapidly.

The NFC-enabled “Attwood Blockchain Sticker” was recently introduced by Attwood Import Export, the ranked top alcoholic beverage distributor and supplier in Cambodia. This security sticker was created using the VeChainThor blockchain. Leading business Attwood Import Export has been importing and distributing premium brands for almost three decades.

The VeChain blockchain sticker will be applied to each drink that Attwood sells. Key product details are incorporated into the VeChain blockchain for every Attwood Blockchain Sticker, thereby making crucial news reliable and unchangeable. The initiative would guard against fraud and protect consumers from ingesting counterfeit drinks made by felons.

By adding Attwood Blockchain Sticker to every bottle of product, Attwood expands its potential to allocate booze, vastly increases clarity, and assures customers and partners of the validity of the product. Pertinent product details will become trustable and unquestionable when it is clearly laid on the blockchain, allowing clients and prospects to rapidly check the authenticity and provenance of products using a smartphone. This aids in fraud prevention and offers protection.

Attwood is renowned for going above and beyond to look after its clients. Attwood has always been a key player in bridging the distinction between brands and their customers as a top import export trading firm. They will be better able to accept obligations for their clients and goods thanks to their collaboration with VeChain Tech.

VeChainThor’s adaptability continues to attract business interest. For Attwood and other pioneering companies, VeChain will advance with its goal of designing and applying solutions that open up new value while solving industrial issues. VeChainThor is primed to provide its technology to enterprises and companies of all sizes as worldwide blockchain widespread adoption develops.

Edward Nash

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