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VeChain and Tesla introduce their VeBetterDAO application

VeChain and Tesla have introduced their VeBetterDAO application, which is meant to improve issues related to clarity and overall effectiveness by feeding blockchain technology into Tesla’s functions. For VeChain, this is a move in the direction of teaming up with other big players in the industry to promote blockchain services. 

Presently, VeChain (VET) ‘s pricing is $0.03389, with a day’s trade volume amounting to $50,880,818.66. This signifies a jump of 0.21% in the last 24 hours. In the previous week, there was a downslide of 5.52%. 

The association between VeChain and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has been split into certain stages. This is the time when the third stage has been activated, which will include the building and execution of calculated blockchain services throughout multiple businesses. The professional relationship speaks volumes regarding the ever-increasing acceptance of blockchain’s abilities as a game changer for conventional business types. 

Added to that, VeChain divulged the fact that a certain brand has incorporated its NFC technology, which enables the monitoring and verification of exclusive items, ascertaining their genuineness. 

Crypto Yapper, an alias for a crypto analyst, mentioned that VET’s pricing will soon reach the skies. In his firm belief, further traction will be witnessed in the upcoming days. This has led to a pepping of the general mood of the VeChain community and the investors. 

Some of the success stories attached with VeChain involve the release of their VeBetterDAO application, along with Tesla, as well as the start of the 3rd stage in their relationship with the Boston Consulting Group and the incorporation of the NFC technology by a premium brand.

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