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SiO2 to Debut on the Astar Network This Week

The moment has arrived, people. This week marks the official launch of SiO2 on Astar Network. This event will be tremendous, so mark your planner with a big red pointer! Web3 is moving toward a multi-virtual device future. Additionally, the world requires a decentralized multi-VM loaning hub that is both enjoyable and simple in use.

SiO2 is really not your standard lending protocol; it exemplifies the Astar Network philosophy. In other words, it is highly community-focused and continues to support numerous virtual machines. SiO2 also has several super awesome characteristics, including:-

  • Borrowing/Lending: You can use several assets as collateral and collect additional assets when you loan or borrow the money.
  • Making a deposit: This enables you to submit multiple assets and generate interest-based additional income.
  • veStaking: Use $SIO2 to reward long-term token holders over short-term ones.
  • Easy-peasy: With one click, you can use flash loans to perform arbitrages and place migration (such as quickly switching from one protocol to the other).
  • You can brief an asset with just one click if you have a one-click short position.
  • Support for multiple VMs: One front-end will be able to support both EVM and WASM.

They’re introducing SiO2 because the world really needs a web3 protocol that bravely enters the multi-VM future. Last but not least, SiO2 Finance is a community-based organization that was created with, for, and by the community.

They’re the very same team that decided to bring you AstridDAO, as a few of you would already know, and they take great pride in being attentive to their community and persistent in their production system. They don’t cut corners, and they maintain a constant focus on the goal. They have the same goals and methods when using SiO2.

They have big plans, and one of them includes using SiO2 to increase the utility of one‘s adored stablecoin, $BAI, which is steadily gaining adoption. SiO2 Finance was established out of a strong desire to provide the Astar and Polkadot community with an outstanding borrowing and lending component and customer experience.

Simply take an active part in their campaign and post a screen capture of your finished search in the #mine-with-josh Discord channel to join:-

  • The special “Mine Driller” role on Discord is prepared for the top 10 quickest miners who have set a special notification for their SiO2 Twitter and given like + retweet.
  • For the 10 courageous Miners who have been the top performer and garnered the most recognition from your retweets, “Mine Driller” will also be an option.
  • The very first ten consumers to make payments in their SiO2 Crystal Mine have the last chance to obtain the special role!

Additionally, a few of you have already attained the role of “Mine Driller.” As a result, they will give you points for their new “role-ladder” scheme!

About SiO2 Finance

The multi-VM lending hub for Polkadot is SiO2 Finance on Astar Network. With a superior customer experience, simple one-click functionalities, and transparent governance, they want to be the top lending product.

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