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Acentrik Is Now on Polygon Mainnet in Its Enterprise Release

Mercedes-Benz’s strategic project Acentrik has now become operational on Polygon Mainnet as part of its official enterprise release.

Acentrik, a decentralized data marketplace platform created by Mercedes-Benz and driven by Blockchain technology, uses Ocean Protocol technology to enable information sharing and commercialization for businesses across domain names.

The OceanOnda V4 smart contracts and libraries, which enable the deployment and minting of data tokens and the Acentrik Portfolio Management Token, as well as the expenditure of data services, power the Acentrik Global market. To provide clients with low gas costs and quick money transfers, Acentrik V1.0 will be launched on the Polygon Network, one of the numerous EVM-compatible networks where the Ocean smart contracts have been implemented.

Safe information access on the business is facilitated for different businesses thanks to the lemmatization of digital assets. With multiple sectors in mind, Acentrik is placed to be a lateral new tech that adds layer upon layer of advantages to the data transformation field.

The foundation of Acentrik is data sovereign power; data is stored in the surroundings of choice for the data sources, and users communicate directly to the information source.

Acentrik guarantees that exchanges on the blockchain are carried out with shockingly low fuel service charges by utilizing the Polygon PoS as the first chain. The above benefits are passed on to customers as they unlock the valuation of their corporate data.

With extra updates accessible in its most recent version, Acentrik has entered its Enterprise Official launch and is fully prepared for businesses to onboard to the forum. Start your information monetization adventure, or communicate with the squad for more chances to collaborate and get involved.

Over 19,000 dApps and a sizable larger society of builders with robust support systems and design and manufacturing programs can be found in the Polygon ecosystem.

The carbon-neutral Polygon system is being used by businesses like Instagram, Stripe, Adobe, and Flipkart as their point of entry to Web3. In addition, initiatives on Polygon have access to a set of tools for every conceivable utilization case and easy scalability, much like what Web Services from Amazon provides Web2 devs.

Acentrik’s goal is to make it simpler for businesses to unleash the valuation of decentralized information and enable larger information sharing in the community with the concept of data integrity at the center. It is based on the foundation of Ocean’s cutting-edge new tech. The two powerful use occurrences that will be developed are as follows:-

  • Allowing businesses to purchase and sell information over the blockchain
  • Making it possible for businesses to profit from data while protecting privacy.

Businesses can now publicize data sets with variables thanks to Acentrik’s V1.0. They can guarantee that more precise data is retrieved from the endpoint by establishing such API variables. This gives publishers using Acentrik more leeway when publishing datasets and setting boundary conditions.

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