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Will XVG Get Back its Efficiency or Continue to Get Dominated?

Verge was trading at $0.00350479 as on October 16, 2019 and on the same day there was a sharp fall with price reaching $0.00333754. It managed to rise upwards and showed a growth of 9.06% within a day’s time. The next day it continued to be traded at the price of $0.00363610 with the bullish run maintained.  On October 19, 2019 XVG saw a drop of 8.45% since the price rise of the previous day. While writing this analysis, the movement was a bearish one.

Verge Price Analysis:

Verge Price ChartVerge indicates a downtrend now by 5.25% as compared to the price rise of October 20, 2019. The same movement is likely to remain tomorrow also with XVG being traded around $0.0033–$0.0032.

Today, XVG is expected to be traded in the range of $0.00335063 and $0.00354531. As per the present trend, it is recommended to either purchase new coins or sell some as per one’s choice. As per the movement over the past 6 days, trading kin short-term may not be that effective and therefore one must opt for long-term investment.

Paul Jolin

Paul Jolin is an economist having experience in financial research. He joined CoinNewsSpan in 2017 and since then has been working with the team to offer best price analysis and review stories on the crypto space. He is optimistic about blockchain technology's use cases in terms of financial freedom. He also has experience as an independent trader.

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