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Velon partners with The HBAR Foundation & discovers Road Code cycling

Velo and the Velon Teams, along with The HBAR Foundation, have taken the step forward and formed an extremely mutually beneficial partnership. Now with the joining of hands, they plan to introduce Road Code, which has been created by them and positioned on the Hedera public network. However, this has been an endeavor in favor of pro-road cycling and to showcase the otherwise very popular sport the world over properly.

The team’s focus has been to provide exposure to position the sport from a fresh angle and provide all cycling fans with a different way of interacting with their favorite teams, riders, and cycling races. However, it is to be noted that the first phase would be done by submitting the email addresses. Additionally, the early account holders will get exclusive promotions and further drops along with professional road cycling to the value of EUR99.

According to reliable information received, Road Code is all ready for a grand launch sometime in the early part of 2023. However, this will be the first fan universe, which will prove to be a complete Web3 ecosystem in which the sport is concerned. Road Code will provide the opportunity to connect with the rider’s professional know-how in highly specialized programs related to overall training and the chance to participate in fantasy games. All of this will be made possible even during all prime pro-cycling races. It will further provide the opportunity to get insight into behind the scene glimpses about some of the toughest and most thrilling cycling races ever run in the world. The entire exposure will add another dimension to the world of cycling.

As per the CEO of Velon, Graham Bartlett, the entire focus and aim have been to bring to the fans of the cycling sports content that they have never been exposed to before this and help create a much better understanding of what all the sport entails. It will be their way of simply bringing all the fans and cycling lovers on the same platform so that they can indulge in more educative and interesting ways of interacting with one another while remaining close to the digital cycling sport itself.

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