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Coinbase carries on with its optimism amidst huge setbacks

Coinbase has recently witnessed an extreme downfall but has maintained its optimism. However, this is related to facts concerning sustainable tokenomics, overall ecosystem maturity, and, above all, relative market liquidity, which are being seen as being able to create and boost higher levels of cryptocurrencies. These would include BTC and ETH. According to relevant market information, these can create key value opportunities. 

According to sources in Coinbase, In the current scenario, there still happen to be the conventional risk-based assets which somehow still seem to hold a certain amount of value. Even in BTC and ETH, the situation has not turned adverse. However, considering all of the factors, it is still clear that there will still be an urgent need for a differentiated catalyst in the case of digital currencies. According to estimates, this will be during the first quarter of 2023.

In the case of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, they also, in all probability, will make a paradigm shift in the direction of self-custody. However, this concerns the firm belief that an amalgamation of DeFi and centralized platforms, or, in a similar situation, a hybrid of them both, was the reason for the previous miscalculations and apprehensions in the overall crypto arena.

Erica Lee

Erica is a finance professional who has over a decade of experience in the finance sector as a management consultant. After years of reporting on forex, stock markets, and finance, she now contributes her strong financial skills with the CoinNewsSpan team. Since 2014, she has been deeply involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. She believes that blockchain technology has tremendous potential to make our lives better.

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