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HAVN’s KYC Chain joins European Blockchain Sandbox

The new development denotes the importance of the particular solution in transforming KYC (Know Your Customer) processes in Web3. The European Blockchain Sandbox is a novel mechanism for validating and testing DLT solutions. The new achievement helps HAVN to explore regulatory debates about Know Your Customer and privacy in decentralized finance. 

The HAVN-backed KYC chain is an effective solution for identity verification, reusable verification, tokenization, and data control. It takes care of the whole process of streamlining conventional KYC processes using Distributed Ledger Technology and data control.

The smartest feature of the KYC chain is that users can verify their identity with IDnow, in compliance with European Union standards. The verified identities will be tokenized by and they will be stored in Bloom Wallet as soulbound tokens. Tokens permit meticulous identity verification across Web3 decentralized applications without the need to reveal personal or sensitive info. 

The KYC chain’s data control feature equips users to control their data and disclose identity information to authorized parties. HAVN is a leading provider of KYC chain infrastructure that is compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). It provides interchain communication and transaction validation for efficacy and regulatory compliance.

The latest breakthrough is a remarkable step towards the process of revitalizing KYC processes for decentralized finance and Web3. HAVN continues its invincible and transformative journey powered by IOTA (Internet of Things Application). They collaborate with IOTA Foundation, IDnow,, and Bloom Wallet for the creation of innovative Web3 solutions. The IOTA Foundation is a nonprofit entity committed to promoting scalable and secure DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). The IDnow is a key provider of identity verification solutions for better security and user experience.

Bloom Wallet is a storage medium for identity tokens in the IOTA, EVM, and Shimmer ecosystems. HAVN is a comprehensive ecosystem that converts hybrid chains into an interoperable and decentralized network. The primary goal of HAVN Labs is to develop a self-service platform for the system’s hybrid chain launch. The team of creative technocrats at HAVN Labs are dreaming of a future where liquidity and value fly between chains. 

Getting selected for the prestigious European Blockchain Sandbox is itself a marvelous achievement. The new initiative is a manifestation of a key advance in privacy-intensive KYC processes for the Web3 landscape.

The IOTA is tapping the potential and versatility of blockchain through smart products like Web3 ID solutions. The recent association underlines the Internet of Things Application’s dominance in advancing blockchain applications. The European Blockchain Sandbox is an endeavor designed to incorporate distributed ledger technology with regulatory frameworks. It is anticipated that the new partnership will promote engaging debates between technologists and European Union regulators. 

The environment features intensive testing and refinement of blockchain platforms including IOTA’s comprehensive Know Your Customer System. Users will be entitled to a safe and effective way to control their data through distributed ledger technology and tokenization. It marks the beginning of a new era of Blockchain technology transformation and this has set a new standard in privacy-focused digital identity systems.

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