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HBAR Foundation inks an exclusive deal with the NBA

In an effort to advance the adoption of blockchain and DLT in the Nordic region, the HBAR Foundation has executed an exclusive agreement with the Nordic Blockchain Association (NBA). This collaboration demonstrates the HBAR Foundation’s commitment to providing funds for blockchain use cases as well as exchanging ideas on the adoption of new age concepts.

The NBA is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on advancing the largest official Web3 network in the region, bringing together experts and business houses through membership options and event organization. 

The entire focus of the NBA lies in pushing the boundaries with regards to the overall advancement of blockchain technology through efforts put towards learning and forging meaningful associations and discussions.  

The collective goal of the HBAR Foundation and NBA is to advance the development of legislative initiatives, a suitable framework, and an active ecosystem that enhances and safeguards the full potential of blockchain technology.

Both entities believe that the Nordic region has been underestimating its potential in the realm of technology, including blockchain, Web3, and other potential avenues. Their collective endeavor will now enable the location to emerge from its cocoon and become a dynamic participant in the global arena.  

The HBAR Foundation views this partnership as crucial to achieving its long-term goal of developing and deploying Web3 across this region, which is rich in talent and advanced in cryptography.

Erica Lee

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