V SYSTEMS Mainnet Launched by Peercoin VPool

V SYSTEMS Mainnet Launched by Peercoin VPool

The Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform Peercoin has recently announced to launch V SYSTEMS mainnet via a supernode called “Peercoin VPool.” The Peercoin team will be utilizing the expertise that it has gathered over the years of its operations to provide quality service for the newly launched V SYSTEMS community.

With this launch, Peercoin VPool has achieved the supernode status by replacing V Power. V Power and Walkbank are two of the earlier players on the V SYSTEMS network. V SYSTEMS is a blockchain provider that mainly focusses on cloud and database services. Founded by the renowned architect Sunny King, the V SYSTEMS blockchain platform aims at creating a secure blockchain platform for its various blockchain databases, using the innovative SPoS or the Supernode Proof-of-stake algorithm.

If this project brings in enough stake for the Peercoin team, then it will be a new source of revenue to help raise funds, promote listings and much more. It will also provide a substantial portion of its minting rewards for the V SYSTEMS community development and marketing of the V Pool project. In this regard, the Peercoin team remarked,

Our participation in the V SYSTEMS project does not end with our supernode however, and you will likely see individuals involved with Peercoin on the VSYS forums or message boards. Indeed, we have already played a vital role behind the scenes in organizing this very forum and Peerchemist, the Project Lead for Peercoin is also the General Strategist for V SYSTEMS. We have a lot to learn from each other, and we can grow in harmony. After all, we do share a founder.

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