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US-based Blockchain Trio Unite to Enforce “Privacy for the People”

The BCDC and the partners of New Cyber Frontier & Blockchain Inc have united to launch a civil blockchain initiative to boost personal privacy. The BlockChain Development Community is a group backing legislation for blockchain development passed in Colorado.

To execute this phenomenon, the three of the prominent blockchain leaders together declared a campaign for crowdfunding “Privacy for the People” on October 22nd, 2019. The movement is intended to support the prospective development along with the expansion of recent blockchain initiatives to strengthen privacy.

The Colorado Senate Bill SB18-086 had been endorsed into the law since May 2018. This was done to enforce blockchain-based technologies to enhance security in state records, with backing from broad bipartisan. Ever since, over 220 volunteers, along with 30+ engineers and developers are vigorously creating a distributed ledger to cater to the requirements of Colorado, to settle design issues in modern public blockchain projects and to back a secure global data marketplace.

The platform formulated with this aim is now up and running and is ready for its first public launch.

The members of BCDC have contributed a number of development hours to elicit a public platform in the absence of government and any corporate aid. To keep up the rhythm of safe service and to ensure the privacy protection of individuals, the institution is looking to amass $500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to fuel the culmination of its upcoming development stage.

In the next two months, the cybersecurity show, New Cyber Frontier, is backing the camping by BCDC in garnering crowdfunding.

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