Coingaming Group Joins Hands With TRON Foundation to Boost Blockchain Gaming

Coingaming Group Partners With TRON

Coingaming Group has broadcasted the news about its collaboration with Singapore-based leading organization, the TRON Foundation. The partnership has been put into shape to bring a new revolution in the crypto-gaming industry. With the inclusion of TRX tokens into the Coingaming Group currency options, both the entities are aiming to achieve growth, expertise, and expansion aided via strategic initiatives.

The team-up will now allow the TRON community members to enjoy Coingaming’s fast-evolving crypto gaming experience. Members will be able to indulge themselves in the amazing gaming ecosystem of well-known licensed crypto casinos platform and sportsbook,, and The users will get access to fast, secured, and reliable games at their convenience with a minimum of 100 TRX tokens. Also, there will be no fees for all the in-game transactions.

Tim Heath, the honorable CEO of Coingaming Group, stated that,

Tim Heath, the honorable CEO of Coingaming Group, stated that

The spearhead opined that the partnership is likely to open doors for widescale adoption of crypto-led projects in the digital gaming sector. He quoted that,

He quoted that

Justin Sun, the leader of the TRON Foundation, shared his excitement on the collaboration by saying that,

Justin Sun says that