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Troy Trade Announces Collaboration With Aergo to Optimize Settlement Protocol

Crypto asset management and broking firm Troy Trade announced on Tuesday that it had entered a collaboration with scalable hybrid blockchain Aergo. According to the official tweet, the collaboration is aimed at optimizing Troy’s settlement protocol and scalability, making Aergo the 13th project to join the Troy ecosystem.

Aergo is an open-source blockchain network that provides advanced toolkits, hybrid blockchain architecture, and serverless cloud deployment services to various organizations. On the other hand, Troy Trade is a global prime digital asset broker, which also specialized in asset management. In a Medium post by Troy, it said that it would work closely with Aergo to expand the application of the Troy Network to optimize its settlement protocol and scalability. It further said,

Medium post says

Troy also stated that it would help Aergo to enhance its liquidity by providing their settlement network and trading marketplace. Troy said in the post that,

Troy said in the post that

Aergo, in its tweet, stated that it was happy about the collaboration to optimize Troy Trade’s decentralized trading and settlement protocol. It also said that “Troy Trade will be able to boost its transaction speed significantly as well as eliminate potential processing errors.”

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