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The Proposed Upgrade For The Ethereum Classic Blockchain Network Expedited

It all started with the developer call on 6th of this month. During that call session, a special request was made by the ecosystem stakeholders. The desire was around seeing the system upgrade soon after the summer. The upgrade is called- ‘Atlantis.’ In the discussion, the test net activation of the project was under focus than pushing the main net activation date to be stamped. There was no commitment around the man net activation date.

When will we get to see the upgrade of Atlantis (test net)?

The initial expected test net date as per the original proposed timeline was somewhere in early August. But as per the discussion, the new decision date is the 19th of this month. The user called “Soc1c” in the Ethereum classic Discord channel said-

“The July 1st target is off. No need to further discuss that. […] We have agreed on the test net and can still decide on the main net.”

What changes will we get to see in the upgrade?

There will be changes made to the Ethereum classic network. This network was formally launched on the first Ethereum network two years ago.

Other changes will include an overall improvement in the interoperability between the two blockchains. This will improve the movement of the dApps (decentralizes apps) from one blockchain to another far more efficient.

The enhanced speedy version of the test net activation is also stirring the hopes of the participants regarding the implementation of the main net on the network. The expectation is to see it in the first week of August. The soc1 said-

“I can’t tell what the future will bring. For now, we agreed to fork the test nets with everything included in [Atlantis] as it is, and reserve the option to modify main net spec and date in a subsequent call.”

Initially, the developers of the project were not on the same page when it came to some specific elements of ‘Atlantis.’ The issues were around the possibility of getting the work done in time and as well as getting a “fixed cap” as per the size of smart contract code on the platform. This warranted a hard fork, whereas the one which is in sync with backward changes would need a compulsory upgrade.

By far, there is no clarity to this disagreement. In the discussion, the developers came to the consent that another call will take place on June 13th. In this discussion on the upgrade regarding things such as contents and schedule.

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