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Tezos Records Steep Rise of 4% After Drastic Fall

Kenneth M. Garofalo, Boston President of Tezos recently tweeted that the primary focus of XTZ is to be known as the security token for the traders who consume on a daily basis. But it is beneficial for the traders or not can only be realized with the daily value statistics.

Tezos Price Analysis

Considering the data from yesterday, the fluctuations were quite subtle at first, until the lowest point drop. XTZ price was initially seen at the highest touch point of $1.07578 on September 21, 2019, at 22:46 UTC.

Tezos was performing subtle movement yesterday. However, the value from then saw a massive drop today of 5.34% and the trading price was changed to $1.01829 at 08:00 UTC today. Tezos price from then is increased again by 4.44% as of now.

Tezos is seen trading with upward momentum as of now. So, for the new and existing trader, this might be an opportunity to ‘buy’ XTZ coins as of now. But future returns, however, can be predicted as of now since it seems that value might fall further down.

Tezos PriceThe trade movement is in favor of ‘buying’ for some time, whether short-term or long-term. You might have to stick to the analysis and latest announcements or partnerships that might surge in the XTZ price.

As of now, Tezos might not be able to pull out returns for the traders. But they can avoid losses by trading under the resistance and support levels, calculated as:

R1: $1.08, R2: $1.09 and R3: $1.11

S1: $1.06, S2: $1.03 and S3: $1.02

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