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To Empower Users With the True Value of Blockchain, Moritz presents Tenzshield

Moritz, the renowned blockchain educator, and the thriving entrepreneur had set up a  blockchain community, dubbed “Bitfwdcommunity.” It is now the biggest blockchain community in Australia. He is a very active member of the global blockchain community.

Moritz is very thorough with his subjects and recognizes the issues customers face in the e-commerce world. Thus to empower the customers and make them better digital citizens, he set up “Tenzshield.”

In 2017, he founded Bitfwd with his friends to provide a platform for blockchain education. Now, it also has users from the UK, U.S., and China. With the same thought of empowerment and education, the same year, he launched a series of tutorials on “how to issue a token” and “how to do an ICO.” The tutorials were followed by more than 1 million readers and were translated into 7 languages, including Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Chinese.

Besides these, Moritz has also explored e-commerce via the use of various kinds of apps. He stated:

Moritz stated

Moritz believes in data analysis and its effectiveness and thinks that it should be approved by the law. With that in mind, he established Tenzshield. He declared:

Moritz declared

User’s privacy is of the utmost importance to Tenzshield. Tenzshield uses serverless architecture, which supports all services without the need for login.

It won’t store data, so the risk of data leaks is nil and will protect users’ information working as a shield.It uses a blockchain reward engine to accomplish a perfect profit circle. It enables users to sell their information to companies and makes data legalized. Besides this, users can obtain tokens issued by Tenzshield dubbed, TEM. They could be used to trade and make profits.

Tenzshield is also very user-friendly. With API interface for all social platforms, users can manage their privacy settings from one app. If users decided to sell their data, then Tenzshield will work as a mediator to assist the companies in sending tokens to the users automatically.

Tenzshield is currently working on the smart contract of the reward engine. After that, the team will spend several moons on developing the front-end interface and, start connecting with platforms.

The reward engine must be fair and reasonable. It will require different APIs during the interfacing phase and will need time for multiple test runs.

Tenzshield only alters the privacy settings but not the core of code. It has already been implemented for testing in privacy settings for Facebook and Twitter.

Moritz believes that tokens will change the role of users in the traditional system, and will provide greater freedom to the cryptocurrency economy. It will change the status of users from ‘being deprived’ to ‘being served.’ Through Tenzshield, “users can profit from the digital era.”

Moritz communicated that he doesn’t consider blockchain suitable for all sectors; there are better alternatives in some sectors. He added:

Moritz added

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