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Shanghai’s blockchain plan promotes trade, metaverse, government affairs

Shanghai recently announced a comprehensive plan to promote the development of blockchain technology within its city limits by 2025. This plan demonstrates the city’s dedication to Web3 innovation and its determination to remain at the forefront of scientific advancements. 

The statement of objectives lays out specific goals for those in Shanghai, such as making significant advances in crucial areas such as cryptographic algorithms, blockchain system security, smart contracts, blockchain-specific processors, cross-chain integration, privacy computing, regulatory structures, and storage solutions. The Shanghai municipal government issued a proclamation outlining its commitment to promoting and regulating the use of blockchain technology in their area.

The main purpose of these technical advancements is to bolster the development and productivity of a fundamental service platform for blockchain in municipalities. Officials anticipate that these developments will substantially influence various crucial sectors, such as foreign trade, state operations, organizing supply chains, virtual reality, the exchange of information, and financial frameworks. This was emphasized in the public declaration distributed by the government.

A fundamental element of this venture lies in the progress and propagation of zero-knowledge proofs. Shanghai intends to augment the usability and availability of ordinary zero-knowledge-proof protocols to attain a twofold rise in productivity when measured against other planetary protocols, such as Plonk, as mentioned by the urban governing body.

The Shanghai government is looking to secure long-term prosperity for the blockchain industry by pooling proficient individuals meeting global criteria. Subsequently, organizations and research establishments are motivated to use China’s approval of international standards to hire acclaimed experts in this domain. 

Moreover, universities, research hubs, and businesses will be offered guidance when it comes to raising young talents specifically for the blockchain sector. This could include setting up systems for cross-industry collaboration and knowledge sharing. As an extra step, support will be offered to young candidates who aspire to make substantial contributions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Shanghai has previously stated its intention to develop blockchain technology. In June, an official plan was issued outlining the city’s intentions to improve the blockchain infrastructure by 2025. In addition, it was recommended that Shanghai form partnerships with major financial hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong to research various cross-chain applications in the hopes of gaining reliance on blockchain technology.

Despite the fact that all cryptocurrency transactions were banned in China in September 2021, the country is still strongly supporting and nurturing its indigenous blockchain technologies and digital economies. This is evident in the role that Alibaba and Tencent, two of China’s largest technology companies, have played in the development of their respective consortia blockchains.

This initiative is complementary to China’s ambitious goals for blockchain technology. Last May, the nation released a statement expressing its resolve to spearhead the advent of Web 3.0 and position Beijing as the world’s preeminent digital economy hub. Furthermore, Shandong and Sichuan, among other regions, have declared that by 2025, they will have noticeably expanded their metaverse industries, exemplifying the country’s strong commitment to the growth of emerging technologies.

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