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Sesameseed Announces Partnership with Harmony

Open Staking is expected to be launched on Harmony in the first three months of 2020. After the launch of Open Staking, Sesameseed will be a part of the Harmony (ONE) staking ecosystem as a favored staking provider. Staking for the Sesameseed node will be accessible on Sprout. Sprout is a multichain staking wallet by Sesameseed.

Sesameseed provides people to stake digital assets in a more simplistic way to earn better rewards over time as compared to other available staking options. The rewards produced by Sesameseed will be shared out to the staking community in the form of SEED reward tokens.

Sesameseed recently announced to bring up an inclusive, decentralized blockchain tool Sprout, which provides a secure and lesser complex blockchain experience to digital asset holders. The launch of Sprout was to make the community staking more advance and simplistic. Along with this, Sprout will also be Harmony’s preferred wallet for staking ONE.

Sprout will make it easier to stake Sesameseed’s Harmony nodes. Sprout has already planned a range of operations for Harmony in the future. There has not been any specific release timeline for the launch of additional features, but the development is definitely in process.

Sesameseed is known for transparency and community representation, which has allowed it to be a noticeable name in the blockchain world. It has been inspiring 2,75,000 blockchain addresses staking digital assets on Sesameseed. The decision of Sesameseed to collaborate with Harmony is carried out based on similar values shared by both organizations. They are together looking forward to having meaningful opportunities for both blockchain communities in the near future.

Harmony is a swift and secure blockchain network. It provides peer-to-peer networking with innovative split network procedures allowing nodes to communicate with each other without the need for verification discord in previous blocks. Harmony aims to gain trust in the market and create a fundamentally fair economy.

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