Ripple Reaches $0.260, Will It Manage to Rise Further?


The price of the XRP was $0.261 on 29-Aug-19 at 17:40 UTC and the movement of the coin was bullish. It began to fall after this day and fell as low as $0.253 on 31-Aug-19 at 20:45 UTC. It recovered reasonably well since the fall and slowly started rising and reached as high as $0.266 on 3-Sep-19. However, it was unable to maintain its performance at this level and prices began to drop. While writing this analysis, the movement of the coin was a bearish one. The Ripple can be traded today in the range of $0.2598 and $0.2639.

Ripple Price

XRP Comparison and Prediction:

XRP had reached as high as $0.266 on 3-Sep-19 at 13:20 UTC. If we compare the present price with the said date, the coin indicates a downward trend by 2% which can be considered as negligible.

By tomorrow, the coin should gain little pace and rise marginally to $0.0263. It may continue to be traded in the range of $0.259 and $0.265 in this month.

As per Rippleā€™s movement, you can purchase as well as sell the old coins as per your discretion. MACD indicator suggests that current trend of the coin is a bearish one. From the past 5 days, the coin has seen several rises and falls and despite the uneven movement, the coin has still managed to maintain the price range of $0.25 – $0.26 which shows the potential of the coin. Ripple can reach as high as $0.33 by the end of this year.

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