Cardano Seems to be Rising Upwards, Can it Touch $0.047?

Cardano Seems to be Rising Upwards

Let us compare ADA’s price since the past 5 days. ADA was priced at $0.044 on 30-Aug-19 at 00:15 UTC. There were several sharp rises and falls for the next few days and the prices of the coin dropped as low as $0.0433 on 2-Sep-19 at 08:30 UTC. After 2-Sep-19 the coin seems to have gained its momentum and despite the falls in between rose as high as $0.047. It was not able to maintain its performance at this level and presently stands at $0.045. Over the past week, the coin has shown a haphazard movement with many ups and downs.

Cardano Price

ADA Price Analysis and Future Prediction:

Comparing the value of the ADA coin since 2-Sep-19 at 08:30 UTC when the price was $0.043 and the current price, the coin indicates an upward trend by 5%.

We anticipate that the same momentum may continue for the coin tomorrow also and it can reach $0.046. It may continue to be traded in the range of $0.0462 and $0.0469 in this month.

Short term trading can also be done in the coin considering its present trend. The coin may be traded in the value of $0.0456 and $0.0469 today. It may take a long time for the coin to be traded in the range of $0.047.