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RabbitHole launches V2 with New Look, Features, and Protocol

RabbitHole V2 is here with new features, a new look, and a new Quest Protocol. The V2 will offer users an elevated experience while providing robust protocol tools.

After gathering valuable feedback regarding RabbitHole’s drawbacks during customer verification, the protocol has improved its approach. V2 will help users get verified easily to start quest completion.

Besides verification, RabbitHole V1 needed to be improved in deploying quest rewards. Many users even complained about the inability to differentiate between quests and skills. Here is how RabbitHole V2 is addressing these concerns:

  • Allowlists: Now, every new quest on the platform is a new smart contract. Users can become eligible for the quests by completing the project’s needs. According to RabbitHole, users will only see quests that they are eligible for.
  • No Skills: RabbitHole V2 is removing Skills completely from the protocol. The platform is accessible, with Quests available for everyone. If users have minted credentials on the platform, their proof of completion will remain on-chain and in their wallet.
  • Quest Receipts: Users can easily claim their quest rewards using the Quest Receipts. Once a quest is completed, users can mint the Quest Receipt that marks the proof of completion. The receipt can be used to claim the reward, or the receipt can be sold on secondary marketplaces.

Aside from these changes, V2 introduces the new Quest Protocol. RabbitHole has been trying to move its quest framework on-chain to allow users and projects to transparently see their quests’ status. That is why V2 has been moved to a permissionless quest creation system.

Eligible users can easily spin quests on the protocol while assigning on-chain work. Given the attention to detail that RabbitHole has displayed, V2 is expected to be a significant success.

Paul Jolin

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