PlayStation 5 showing significant demand prior to Nov 12 launch

PlayStation5 will be launched soon and pre-orders for the consoles are pouring in. Console’s features include SSD of ultra high speed, haptic feedback support, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers. Some other notable features of PS5.

  • Integrated I/O
  • Ray tracing
  • 4K TV gaming
  • 120Hz output with as much as 120fps
  • HDR technology
  • 8K output
  • PlayStation VR integration  

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently said that the demand for PS5 could be judged from the fact that the number of PS5 consoles the company pre-sold in the first twelve hours was the same as the total number of PS4 consoles which were sold in the first twelve weeks.

The company aims to attract more users to go for an upgrade towards PS5 to engage in new games in its repertoire with better sound, enhanced graphics, and feedback through the use of a new controller. 

Ryan added that everyone could not purchase a PS5 right on the launch day, but they are working hard to make sure supply meets the demand by the end of 2020.

Lili Chuang

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