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Manta Pacific links up with LayerZero

Manta Pacific ties up with LayerZero, an open and permissionless cross-chain messaging protocol. This will help push forward interoperability in the Manta Pacific network and bring out the immense capabilities of cross-chain liquidity.

LayerZero enables the uninterrupted shifting of data, as well as assets and information, throughout various blockchains while keeping up with a high degree of effectiveness and safety. LayerZero has been responsible for processing large volumes of transactions on varied blockchains. Due to this, it is known to be amongst the most dependable solutions with regard to cross-chain communications. More than forty varied blockchains can take the help of this latest cross-chain space, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB, and Avalanche.

Manta Pacific is the initial modular Layer 2 solution for the EVM ecosystem. Manta Network’s Universal Circuits help offer ZK as a service for new-age applications. There is also the factor of Celestia’s Blobstream data accessibility service meant for modularizing DA and settling to Ethereum and OP Stack. This is all for framework upgradability, with Manta providing unique user exposure for connecting with decentralized applications. The trust decreased cross-chain liquidity abilities in Manta Pacific’s application ecosystem, which is growing tremendously.

This association will help bring about smooth cross-chain communication inside and outside the Manta Pacific ecosystem. In the words of a spokesperson from LayerZero, it is appreciated that Manta selected LayerZero as the main interoperability framework to benefit their network.

According to the Co-Founder of Manta Pacific, Kenny Li, their company, together with LayerZero, has taken the pledge to create a healthy and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

Manta Pacific makes it possible for decentralized applications on more than forty backed blockchains to effortlessly link up with it, taking the help of the LayerXero protocol. This will provide users the advantage of safe and effective interaction with assets throughout various chains.

Manta Network is a modular blockchain for creating zero-knowledge applications. Manta Pacific, on the other hand, is a modular Layer 2 ecosystem focused towards EVM conventional ZK applications and dApps that require to come up with cost-effectiveness and enhanced user exposure. Utilizing Manta’s universal circuits for bringing about ZK-as-a-service and Celestia’s data accessibility for the sake of modularity for offering less gas fees, Manta Pacific sets up a conducive space for ZK-enabled applications.

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