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Linea releases Alpha V2, cuts Ethereum Costs by 90%

Linea has introduced the groundbreaking Alpha v2, representing a significant milestone in the era of Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum. The Ethereum Linea Mainnet enhancement, which was introduced on February 13, reduces by 90% the costs associated with data publication and ZK proof relay.

Alpha v2 is founded upon two pioneering functionalities, namely Proof Aggregation and Data Compression. The improvements above are designed to address the inherent challenges associated with scalability and cost-efficiency in blockchain transactions, ushering Ethereum users into an era of enhanced efficiency.

The implementation of Proof Aggregation enables the consolidation of transactions for a single verification operation. As opposed to the previous model, which required individual zkSNARK proof verification for each data bundle, the novel methodology combines several batches of data into a single comprehensive proof. This method drastically reduces the cost of verification. In addition, Linea processes thirty trials per final proof on average, which is a significant reduction of thirty times the fixed verification costs compared to Alpha v1.

The Data Compression technique remedies high data storage costs on Ethereum. Linea achieves this by compressing the Layer 2 transaction data prior to its transmission to the Layer 1 smart contract, thereby reducing the data utilization fee. By employing a lossless compression algorithm that is identical to gzip and deflate, Linea efficiently encodes repetitive data elements, resulting in compression ratios that can reach 15x during periods of high activity. This method also preserves space while keeping the process inexpensive, both critical for sustaining the blockchain network’s low computation costs.

Compared to Linea’s previous 20kB per submission, implementing Alpha v2 has reduced expenses by as much as 50%. This scalability permits a tenfold increase in the number of transactions executed per batch, thereby facilitating concurrency and optimizing operations. 

One notable distinction lies in the manner in which transactions are finalized in Alpha v1 as opposed to Alpha v2. In contrast, the latter is enormous. Alpha v2 transactions successfully processed 38,396 transactions on behalf of 31 batches at a gas cost that was approximately four times less than what Alpha v1 transactions would have incurred for the same volume of transactions.

Linea users benefit significantly from the implementation of this upgrade, as it reduces gas fees by 66%, making it one of the most affordable Layer 2 rollups in the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition, the Linea team is preparing for the forthcoming Dencun update and EIP-4844 implementations, which will reduce costs and increase scalability via a new data submission method.

Linea’s dedication to the Ethereum community exemplifies its goal of creating an innovative and affordable platform. It conceives of a decentralized web in which applications can operate more efficiently and free from excessive expenses. Linea’s commitment to delivering value, scalability, and sustainability will not be deviated from by the platform’s evolution, allowing the company to maintain its leadership position in developing Layer 2 solutions.

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