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Hong Kong’s crypto market aims to capitalize on digital asset demand

The crypto markets in Hong Kong are currently experiencing an increase in the preference for digital assets among established financial institutions. Following regulatory approval for cryptocurrency exchanges, traditional brokerage firms (e.g., Tiger Brokers and Victory Securities) actively pursue the necessary accreditation to offer cryptocurrency trading solutions. 

Tiger Brokers successfully upgraded its Hong Kong certification and can now offer cryptocurrency trading to both enterprises and investors. Retail investors will be granted the opportunity to connect with the platform in the near future, pending approval from the Securities and Futures Commission. The organization plans to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum besides traditional assets such as equities and options. Their long-term objective is to scrutinize altcoin registrations subsequent to obtaining regulatory approval. 

In November 2023, Victory Securities successfully acquired a retail crypto trading certificate. The company has witnessed a significant surge in virtual asset transactions and has attracted new clients by offering trading discounts. This was done in an effort to attract more prospects.

Collaborations appear to be accelerating the integration of cryptocurrencies. OSL, a certified cryptocurrency exchange, collaborated with Interactive Brokers to offer retail investors the ability to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. The utilization of the platform furnished by Interactive Brokers will facilitate this. Additionally, Bybit is a crypto exchange that has submitted an application for retail trading certification.

Web3 enterprises seeking certifications must invest a minimum of $25 million, with structure and adherence serving as a promissory note when entering the licensing market. 

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