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Linea integrates with The Graph protocol

Linea announced that it has integrated with The Graph protocol. The objective is to ensure developers gain streamlined access to blockchain data. As a result, the expectation is that it will boost data query capability on Linea. Benefits span across aspects of dApps as well.

One way in which the integration positively affects decentralized applications is that it makes them more responsive to queries and smoother with operational functionalities. Linea said that it would feel like making blockchain data work for developers without investing any extra effort. Also, developers will experience more efficient and faster data fetching.

Decentralization and innovation are at the center of the integration. Linea said that joining hands with The Graph has paved the way for them to showcase that innovative tools can do wonders in the DeFi sphere without compromising on any aspect of decentralization. In the end, developers continue to have unrestricted access to data with sovereignty.

Moving forward, Linea and The Graph are looking to have more applications that are backed by powerful development and are user-friendly. This will mitigate the chances of attracting only high-end technical users. Meaning, that users with any kind of background will be able to leverage their ecosystem and tools to bring innovation to a larger base of members.

Simply put, the integration of Linea with The Graph protocol puts the world of data at the fingertips of developers. It poses an invitation to developers with the liberty to contribute and explore an ecosystem that is thriving at the moment.

The Graph has confirmed the development, with community members expressing optimism about it on both sides.

Another development that Linea recently brought out from the store pertains to Alpha V2. It has gone live on the mainnet, marking a significant upgrade in the ecosystem. Alpha v2 brings down costs by 90% as compared to Alpha v1 using two key features, namely proof aggregation and data compression.

As for The Graph, it is considering the proposal by Edge & Node—Graph Horizon. It aims to make The Graph protocol more efficient and permissionless to boost the role of decentralized data in the Web3 tech stack.

That said, GRT, the native token of The Graph, is currently up by 2.88% in the last 24 hours. It is exchanging hands at $0.1872. It further reflects a surge of 12.15% in the last 7 days. The value has also soared in the past 30 days by 13.09%. The 24-hour volume is down by 4.04%; however, the market cap is up by 2.90%.

The Web3 protocol has invited interested participants to meet them at ETH London on March 15, 2024. Titled The Graph Brunch and Learn London, it will happen from 9 a.m. GMT to 1 p.m. GMT in London, England. Registration of interested participants is subject to approval by the host.

The integration of Linea with The Graph protocol is in its early stages. Results are expected to be rolled out in the years to come.

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