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How Lucid Sight is Revolutionizing Frontier Gaming?

We all are aware of the saying- ‘Change is the only constant.’ Well, when this change comes in the form of development or progress, then it assumes the name of “evolution.” With each and every new genre of games, the gaming industry is evolving, bringing forth a revolution.

Speaking of innovations in gaming, Lucid Sight is a developer of games that has brought tremendous transformation into frontier gaming. Founded in 2015, Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight has been focusing on frontier gaming and its supporting technologies.

Several first-person shooter games, including Space Bit Attack, have been developed and published by Lucid Sight.

For those who are new to the term “frontier gaming,” here’s a bit of trivia:
David Braben had established Frontier in 1994 with the objective of creating high quality, ingenious games that would enrich the rapidly growing gaming industry. His vision was to offer an entirely innovative, world-class gaming platform.

What makes Lucid Sight a revolutionary?

Lucid Sight aims to design novel games and apps by exploiting emerging technologies. Keeping this objective at its center, it has successfully incorporated blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality while developing its games. Hence, frontier gaming has witnessed tremendous development and acceptance.

In its constant endeavor to modernize prehistoric gaming methods, Lucid Sight has released 10 first-party games and apps. Secured by the Ethereum blockchain, Lucid Sight works with important brands to form True Digital Ownership of items in games.

In the words of Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight,

Blockchain gaming is introducing peer-to-peer money, immutable ownership, changing a lot in the process.

Saaf stated that the incredible scope of blockchain gaming attracted Lucid Sight towards blockchain. For blockchain gaming to become mainstream, ‘quality and ‘affinity’ must go hand-in-hand, added Saaf.

Hence, MLB Crypto Baseball was created. It is a blockchain-based collectible game that anyone can play using crypto collectibles. This game has redefined the baseball card by letting users own collectible, legitimate baseball player figurines. MLB projects these figurines by using augmented reality from an app on the phone. Users can earn rewards for successful live games since the virtual players are linked to their real-world teams.

Another important contribution of Lucid Sight is Crypto Space Commander (CSC), an online, multiplayer role-playing game that comes with a player-owned economy space.

In order to further boost MLB champions and Crypto Space Commander blockchain games to traditional game platforms, Lucid Sight raised $6 million. Lucid Sight intends to launch Scarcity Engine to remove the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming platforms.

In an interview, Saaf pointed out that for a game to be truly successful, a balance must be attained, which is why the super blockchain-heavy games must be avoided. Cryptic Conjure is built on this holistic approach.

Created by Jason Wishnov, this game has all the characteristics of a triple-A game. It is created to draw the PC gaming audience. Saaf has mentioned that this is the first game created in Unreal 4 with blockchain, even without the blockchain stuff.

Cryptic Conjure is a perfect example of a combination of gaming history and blockchain.

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