Dubai’s Real Estate Firm and South Korean Blockchain Firm Make a New Crypto Deal

Dubai’s Real Estate Firm and South Korean Blockchain Firm Make a New Crypto Deal

Arms & McGregor International Realty, a Dubai based real estate firm, has now partnered with Bloom Technology, a next-generation blockchain platform based out of South Korea, to enable the purchase of a real estate in Dubai, using cryptocurrencies.

An official press release mentioned that partnership could attract one thousand property investors to Dubai. The statement further elaborated that the new deal would enable interested parties to buy real estate, using Locus tokens- cryptocurrency issued by Bloom Technology.

Arms &McGregor International Realty’s CEO and Founder, Makram Hani said, “this partnership will enable Arms &McGregor International Realty to facilitate a hassle-free experience enabling property investors from Korea to have the right reach and representation within the Dubai market while allowing Dubai developers and market players an unprecedented reach to a brilliant pot of investors.”

Also commenting on the partnership was Bloom Technology’s CEO, Sang Youn Lee, who said that the world is now facing a new era wherein many sectors are transitioning to the technology adoption as well as Digital Platform integration at a transactional level. He further quoted:

We believe that the real estate business shall be advanced with digital platform use also in a perfect marriage between fintech and prop-tech.

Lee further added that this collaboration would result in decreased remittance charges for the clients and hoping that the new partnership could lead to the sector becoming more transparent, as a whole.