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Fortress & Chainlink Partner for Secure Price Oracle Features

Structuring a reliant oracle-rooted peculiarity into JetFuel’s lending platform ‘Fortress Loans’ consolidated with Chainlink Price Feeds. This system conceptualization will put forth a more reliant and protected oracle solution. The Binance Smart Chain will help Fortress leverage by rendering accelerated offerings to crypto users in an unharmed network system. The decentralized established service that authorizes crypto lending and financing with this latest alliance will be presented with Chainlink’s high-grade, lucrative data offers that are tamper-resilient.

The client’s data and their price-sourced records will be shielded through Chainlink. The Oracle-based Decentralized network operant will be able to maintain the regularities of the Algorithmic Money market system. Furthermore, Chainlink will render services that upgrade the liquidity valuations and scale up the forecasts of the collateral platform charges.

The link between Fortress and Chainlink has a linear business motive. Users will be guaranteed contemporary valuations of crypto funds employed on the trading platform. The business association intends to curate an economical pricing tool for crypto investors. The trading instruments will amplify the process of credit issuance and sustenance of collateral funds.

The ecosystem of the JetFuel functionalities required an on-chain value-based system that reflects on data insights of the prevailing international crypto market valuations. These data recordings should not be tampered with or experience any glitches, especially while authorizing trading activities. Thus, with Chainlink in the picture, these platform pain points are struck off.

The potent traits integrated into Fortress as a part of this association are high-grade record insights, guarded node administrators, a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem, and a strong reputation on-chain trading tools to monitor the platform.

Fortress welcoming Chainlink’s properties has declared that the alliance was built due to the Oracle Network’s preferred technological solutions, community aid, a high-skilled core team, and an extensive FinTech market system to assist crypto users.

As for Chainlink, the Oracle Network is profiting from sustaining each value combination that has the potential to retrieve price data records and pull them in from an array of source points. The end goal is to formulate the aggregate source records into a single variant to warrant an individually sourced price contract. This up-gradation will closely monitor data records in unprecedented crypto market environments securing crypto investor assets shielded from volatile trades.

With the enhancement of Chainlink’s hallmarks brought to the forefront, Fortress is assured of robust security, an influential advantage for price-based oracle system offerings, and improvements in areas of added integration in the months to come.

Edward Nash

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