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Floki and BinStarter Partner to Boost Digital Assets Security

BinStarter is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that provides investors a harbor of safety. It was founded to secure start-ups and liquidity providers via a decentralized protocol, and it is the industry’s first launchpad initiative to develop the insurance protocol.

BinStarter, created in a decentralized framework, guarantees that all transactions will occur in a transparent, equitable, and secure manner. On August 6, 2022, BinStarter commemorated one year of operation, and they protected investments totaling more than a million dollars from unfair and unethical circumstances that year.

FlokiFi, an acronym of “Floki Finance,” is one of the decentralized finance solutions that will be launched under the Floki brand. FlokiFi is 

Designed as a unique and safe crypto vault service. NFTs, fungible tokens, and Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens may all be swiftly and securely locked with the help of FlokiFi Locker. This protocol is the only one to use the ERC-1155 standard. The makers of the popular Floki meme coin designed the locker system to protect Floki owners from fraud and hacks. This post will tell us more about the partnership between BinStarter and FlokiFi Locker.

To protect the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens of businesses starting on its launchpad platform, BinStarter has decided to use Floki’s recently developed, cutting-edge crypto locker technology FlokiFi Locker in a strategic partnership with Floki. As a result of this partnership, BinStarter will prefer to vest team tokens and lock LP tokens for projects that begin on their premium launchpad using the FlokiFi Locker.

Suggesting and exposing FlokiFi Locker to all BinStarter projects, whether new or old, will boost the acceptance and recognition of the FlokiFi brand. Utilizing the FlokiFi Locker to lock liquidity and vest team tokens is the best way to provide investors with security and assurance.

This may establish a new benchmark for the dependability and security of the initiatives that BinStarter develops when combined with its Extended Insurance Policies. This partnership exemplifies the goal of FlokiFi Locker and its collaborators to spread awareness of the protocol and make it a requirement for all projects.

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