Fetch.ai Reveals Learning Framework to Enable Decentralized Machine Learning Apps

Fetch.ai’s new framework to enable machine learning apps

Blockchain-focused artificial intelligence lab Fetch.ai has announced a new open-source collective learning platform that will enable decentralized machine learning applications on its platform. Fetch.ai also released software demonstrations of the novel software algorithms. These algorithms will not only enable developers and enterprises to train machine learning models but will also help them avoid sharing data or personally identifying information (PII) to any participant of the system.

Fetch.ai is an open-source blockchain platform that focuses on building futuristic digital economy products by applying modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Cryptography. Commenting on the launch, co-founder and CEO of Fetch.ai, Humayun Sheikh said that they are progressively developing functionality into their network, and also enhancing utility and functionality for app builders, in order deploy AI-based software solutions on the network. Fetch.ai CTO and co-founder, Toby Simpson said,

Toby Simpson said

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Big Data – these are some of the most sought-after technologies of the 21st century and are certainly on the helm of moving the global economy and human life into the digital age. Simultaneous application of these technologies is absolutely essential for creating better and sustainable products, not only for the crypto or finance industry but also for various sectors like healthcare, logistics, food distribution chains, etc.

To learn more about Fetch.ai’s new open-source collective learning framework, read their official announcement here.