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Ferrum receives grant from Cudos Foundation

Ferrum has now received a grant from the Cudos Foundation, which came about after a great deal of deliberation. This event took place with the goal and intention of being in a position where it could successfully incorporate MultiSwap. 

MultiSwap has inadvertently become the first CosmWasm-agreeable interoperability protocol available and in existence in the relevant market. In light of this, Ferrum will find itself in the position of having to merge with Cudos. In addition to this, it will also connect all other networks that are compatible with those of MultiSwap.

According to reliable sources at Ferrum, the team is extremely proud to have received this grant from the Cudos Foundation. According to them, this gesture certifies the fact that the company has inadvertently put its stamp of reliability on them and has expressed its faith in the capabilities of Ferrum. 

In their opinion, and in accordance with their goals and aspirations, they will now be able to pursue their goal of properly comprehending market patterns. Further, it will also help them ascertain the exact position the future holds for matters related to upgradable and interoperable networks.

On the other hand, according to the Chairman of Cudos Foundation and COO of CudoVentures, Lee Woodham, this grant that they have delivered will open the doors to plenty of favorable opportunities for both of the involved entities. In his expert opinion, this will also positively impact the Cudos Blockchain in every way possible. He further stresses the fact that the primary focus regarding the entire procedure laid out in front of them is to make completely certain that Cudos is properly and correctly attached and proceed further accordingly.

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